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Aerial Edge FAQs

Thank you for your interest in Aerial Edge Virtual Coaching!
Below are answers to frequently asked questions. If you don't see the answer to your question please contact us. 

How old do I have to be?

You MUST be 18 years old or older to participate in Aerial Edge Virtual Coaching.


What level should I be at? I have just been practicing aerial for 1.5 years, is that ok? 

Ideally, participants should be at an Advanced Beginner level or above. You should be able to climb well and safely invert (even if it is not perfect). Participants should be at a level that they can safely train at open training at their studio or on their own home rig without direct supervision of a teacher or coach. (We always recommend having a friend or family member nearby for safety.)


How much is it? 

A single session is $99 USD. A four-pack is $380 USD ($95 per session) and an 8 pack is $720 USD ($90 per session). 

What's included in a session if it's not a live zoom class? 

A 'session' refers to the videos that you send to your coach (up to 5 minutes) and the feedback, training program, and tips you receive from them. Each new batch of videos that you submit equals a new session. 

How long are my sessions valid for?

A single session is valid for 1 month after the purchase date. The four-pack is valid 4 months after the purchase date and the 8 pack is valid 6 months after the purchase date. We suggest you use them as consistently as possible to receive the most gains from your coaching. A recommended goal could be to use one session every week to 2 weeks, depending on you the availability of your practice time.


How does it work? 

Once accepted to Aerial Edge, you will be given a link to book your “meet your coach” session.  Coaches have appointments online and you book a time slot that is convenient for you. In this session, you get a chance to meet your coach and speak about your aerial goals. Your coach will have a chance to get to know you and personalize the direction of your coaching. After this meeting, you will be assigned an upload link. You will upload videos of your aerial practice for analysis by your coach. Each upload bundle (up to 10 minutes) is considered one session. You will then receive feedback and personalize coaching and training program and workouts recommended for you to reach your goals. You can work on the training program at your own timing, at your studio or home rig, based on its availability. You will not be connected live with your coach during your practice times, but our coaching app helps you track your training and monitor your progress as you go.


Will you demonstrate live?

The Aerial Physique Master Trainers will provide recordings of demonstrations as well as Aerial Physique video references and demonstrated condition exercises as appropriate. If you have questions, leave a note with your coach on the coaching app chat and your coach will be happy to answer your questions.

How long is my Introduction Meeting?

Your intro meeting will last between 15-30 minutes. 


Do I have to pay for the coaching app? 

Nope! The TrueCoach app is included.


With COVID restrictions, I had a big break and my home studio has reduced classes and hours. I can’t be up in the air nearly as much as I would like to. Can I still participate in Aerial Edge?

YES! Aerial Edge is perfect for those aerialists with changing or limited training schedules. During your Introduction Meeting, you and your coach will discuss your training availability and where you are at with your current training. We can customize to give you both in the air, or ground training to help you to recover from time away from the air, as well as give you specific goals for the time you do have at the studio.


I am not good at self-motivating to workout. What happens if I don’t do the training prescribed?

Are you someone who needs that extra push? Don’t worry. Our coaching app designed for “work at your own pace” or for clients that need that extra bit of structure.  Check those boxes of completed on your daily workout and your coach is instantaneously informed of your hard work. We will be right there to cheer you on!

How many videos can I send in for one session? How long can they be?

We recommend up to approximately 5 minutes of video footage for upload for one Aerial Edge Virtual Coaching session with a maximum of 10 minutes accepted. This can be in one longer video, such as an act or in shorter sequences of multiple skills. Videos should be good enough quality to be clearly viewed and have a full body of the participant in the frame.


I want to work on a new act? Can you help me?

YES! We love artistic endeavors and love helping aerialist not only technically evolve but also artistically. If you have a goal to make a new act (or revamp an old one) Aerial Edge Virtual Coaching is perfect for you! Bring those artistic dreams to your Introduction Meeting and we can help those seeds bloom!


I have a dream trick that I really want to learn. Can you teach me how?

That depends... Of course, we are happy to work toward any aerial goals you have. But let us work together in a safe way to make sure your body is fully prepared before going for that,  “Spinning Back-dive, Cartwheel, Quadruple Star Drop” you have always wanted to ace.  Your coaches are happy to give you level-appropriate steps moving you toward those dream skills.


What if I don't have access to an aerial rig? 

Of course, it is recommended that participants have access to an aerial rig to participate in Aerial Edge Virtual Coaching. This will help you gain the full benefit.  We are also aware that not everyone has as much access as they would like. Our coaches can also help set up a ground training/home gym program to help promote aerial fitness when you are back in the air.


My home rig isn’t very high. Is that ok for this program?

Yes. As long as your home rig has been professionally installed it can be used for this program. The coaches will adapt your training to the height of your ceiling you have available.


What apparatus do you coach on? 

Our specialty is Silks however if you have other apparatus requests please indicate that in your application.


Is it possible to have Jill as my coach? 

As much as she wishes she had the capacity to personally work with everyone, her focus is on being the visionary and business mind behind Aerial Physique. Christine is fantastic and she uses the same techniques and strategies that Jill teaches! You will be in excellent hands working with them. 


What if my videos are not perfect? My videos of my skills are not very good. I am nervous to share them.

Being nervous is normal, please know that we actually encourage submitting less-than-perfect videos of skills, because we are excited to help you grow as an aerialist and artist! 

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Thanks for submitting! We'll get back to you within 48 hours

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