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Aerial Physique TV

Over 300 step-by-step tutorials on silks and rope. Download the APTV app or watch tutorials from your computer. Enjoy your first 7 days absolutely free! Subscriptions are $24.99 per month or only $197 for an entire year (rates effective August 20th, 2020). Start your free trial below. 

The Windmill Method 

Say goodbye to the floppy mess and learn how to nail your Windmills (aka Wheel Downs) every time! Included are at-home workouts, lessons in s-wrap entries,  Windmill technique, solutions for common bad habits & more. 

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Aerial Edge 1:1 Virtual Coaching

Apply to receive personalized private coaching from an Aerial Physique Master Trainer. 


All you need is a safe place to train aerial (at an advanced-beginner level or above), a good internet connection (to communicate with your coach & share videos), and motivation to study aerial arts with Aerial Physique.

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The Inversion


Finally, invert with ease! This 6-week online course leads you through at-home workouts and aerial conditioning exercises to help you conquer your inversions for good. Enrollment is currently closed. 

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