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Online Teacher Training  FAQs

Thank you for your interest in our Level One Teacher Training course.

Below are answers to frequently asked questions. If you don't see the answer to your question please contact us. 


When is enrollment open for the online version of the Level 1 course? 

Enrollment will reopen in 2025. If there is enough interest - possibly in late 2024. 

How old do I have to be?

You must be over 18 to participate. 

I've been practicing silks for one year. Can I apply? 

We applaud your enthusiasm! However, participants should be intermediate or above with a minimum of 2-3 years of silks experience. Click here to see the required skills for the video portion of your application. We seek skills to be demonstrated with clean technique and ease of movement. If you cannot complete all skills due to an injury or disability, please get in touch with us at and we'll offer alternate options for you. 

For the online version, is the course live?

The entire course is pre-recorded and broken up into modules, so you can tune in anytime you'd like. No time zones to worry about! You can join us LIVE for weekly Zoom meetings on Sundays at 9 am PST between March 24 - May 19th (9 Sundays total) to ask questions and connect with fellow aerialists. They will be recorded and sent to you if you can't make the meetings. 

Do I need an aerial rig? 

Yes, you will need access to a safe aerial setup to take part. We will ask to see photos of your setup when applying.

My home rig isn’t very high. Is that ok for this program?

Yes, most skills don't require much height. We recommend a minimum of 12 feet  (3.5 meters). 

What will I learn in the course? 

The foundation is the most important part of an aerialist's training and the same goes for teaching. To ensure safety and success for you and your future students, the course focuses on risk assessment, optimal technique, essential modifications & progressions for aerial skills, clear cueing, spotting, basic anatomy, common injuries, stretching & conditioning methods, Pilates concepts & exercises, along with basic rigging, class structure, lesson plans & the business side of aerial arts.

How long do I have access to the course materials?  

Upon completion of the course, you'll have access for years to come. ​


Do I need a student to teach? 

Yes, after you've taken the time to learn and practice the skills, you will need a student to teach to practice what you've learned. This is especially important to prepare for your final teaching test (a video of you teaching a class in order to receive your certification). 

How long does it take to complete the course? 

There are ten modules in the course, each takes 1-2 hours to complete except for two aerial modules. The Intro Level Silks module will take you approximately 2-3 hours to watch the videos and read through the manual. The Beginner Level Silks Module will take approximately 5-6 hours to watch the videos and read the manual. After reviewing the materials, we recommend dedicating 4-5 hours per week (for 8 weeks) to practicing the skills learned in the course (on the floor and in the air) and studying. 

How much is it? (rates are subject to change for future courses)

A $25 non-refundable application fee applies. Upon acceptance, the online course is one payment of $949 USD or 3 monthly payments of $329 USD. Upon completion of the course, you'll be given six months to send in a video of your final teaching and skills tests for evaluation. An additional $150 USD review fee applies. Attendees must pass both evaluations in order to receive their Level One Certification from Aerial Physique. 

Will my certification expire?

Attendees who receive an Aerial Physique certification must follow and stay up to date on safety guidelines, techniques, and protocols and teach from a place of integrity. For this reason, your Level One certification will expire two years from that date that's on your certificate unless you take part and pass Level Two before your Level One expiration date.

Click here for the easy renewal process and terms. 


My splits aren't very good. Is that a dealbreaker? 

We look mainly for clean technique and fluidity of movement in your application video. While having full splits is great, if yours aren't super bendy, not to worry. You can still be a great instructor without full splits :). 

Is the course available in multiple languages? 

Currently, this virtual course is available in English.

Does the online course cost less than the in-person course? 

Yes, click here for in-person pricing.

I took a Level One course but with a different aerial teacher training provider. Can I skip Level One with Aerial Physique and do Level Two? 

Each aerial arts course covers unique skills, curriculum and concepts. For this reason, we require all attendees to complete and pass our Level One course before attending Level Two. 

What if I'm not accepted into the course? 

If you're not accepted, it's likely due to a lack of the necessary skill set required to take part or concerns regarding your rigging set-up. We'll offer individual feedback for each applicant with improvement tips.

Once I'm certified, can I call my classes 'Aerial Physique'? 

Attendees are not permitted to name or announce their classes, studio, or workshops ‘Aerial Physique.' You can say you are Level One Certified with Aerial Physique.  

I want to take the course for myself, but I don't intend to teach or get certified, is this ok? 

Yes, you can do so if you'd like to take the course for yourself and not complete the final certification evaluations. 

I'm a studio owner and have a few teachers I'd like to take the course. Do you offer discounts? 

We offer group discounts for three or more people. Click here to fill out our studio form and we'll get back to you soon. 

My friend and I want to join together. Can we share the course and expense?  

Each participant must have their own course login and pay their tuition separately. Attendees are not permitted to share their course log-in information with other aerialists who are not enrolled in the program. Doing so will result in the removal of your opportunity for certification and a $1000 USD fine. We have cybersecurity monitoring course activity.

Is the program recognized through a national fitness or circus education association?

Aerial Physique Teacher Training is proudly recognized by NASM, AFFA and American Circus Educators.

I'm interested in taking the course to obtain CEUs for my NASM or AFFA certification. How many credits is the course good for? 

For NASM 1.9 CEUs and for AFAA 15 CEUs. 


I’m interested in taking the course but don’t intend to teach. Is this allowed?

Yes! Everyone attends our courses for different reasons. Many aerialists join to gain more awareness and understanding of their own practice. If this is your intention, please indicate it on the application.

Will you offer Level 2 and Level 3 in a virtual format? 

We plan to offer Level 2 online in 2024. We don't offer Level 3 online due to the high-level skills & increased risk factors. 

I attended an in-person course a couple of years ago but didn't pass. Can I take this course? 

Yes, you can! We offer discounts for those who have already attended. Email us for more details. 

Don't see the answer to your question? Email us

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