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Dance Terms Demystified - Part 2

When it comes to skill names it's like playing a giant game of telephone with the entire aerial community. Have you experienced a scenario like this?

An aerial teacher names a crafty hip key skill after an animal, mystical creature, shape, or movement. Everyone in the class shares it with a friend ... that person shares it with another friend and by the time it makes its way to you the skill has about 5 different name variations and who knows what the 'original' name was!

Is it Flamenco or Flamingo grip? How about 360 drop or Fallen Angel? Double Star or Snowflake? You get the drift!

As we know aerial arts is still relatively new in comparison to other movement practices and it's a constantly evolving artform. While this is wonderfully exciting to be a part of, it can also be confusing when it comes to names!

Last month I shared a tip about common dance terminology that's used within skills (click here to check it out). Since many found it helpful I decided to create part 2!

See the video and term descriptions below!

Sous-Sus Means 'under-over'. In the dance world, it refers to when a dancer relevés to a tight fifth position, joining their feet at the ankles on pointe or demi-pointe with fully stretched legs. This step can be done in place, or traveling forwards or backward.


Means 'to whip'. The working leg whips out to the side and in to the knee with a slight circular movement, frequently combined with turns known as fouetté en tournant.


A rapid whirling about of the body, a full turn on the toe or ball of one foot in dance.


Means 'to slide or glide'. In dance, it's a traveling small jump that's usually used to link other steps together.

Whether it's dance terms or aerial terms, in all honesty, the names don't really matter. As long as everyone is on the same page in class and if you're a teacher, you teach in a way that's inclusive and understandable for all, that's most important.

Next time you're in the air, I encourage you to celebrate the gift of movement and all the amazing things your body can do!

Happy silking,

😊 Jill


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