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Technique Tip - No Handed Single Pencil

The No-Handed Single Pencil is dynamic, fun and secure! It's a drop that doesn't require a ton of height and you appear to be dropping further than you actually are.

I've broken it down step-by-step for you below!

Step 1 - Begin from a Single Star Wrap. Same side hook, thigh wrap into a belly wrap from front to back.

Step 2 - Add 2 additional leg wraps. The wraps act as a 'safety' that allows you to do the drop no-handed (not holding the tail).

Step 3 - Reach up and under your hooked knee. Unhook your leg to key over to the side.

Step 4 - Extend arms overhead and lengthen your legs. Open up into Hollow Body focusing on keeping a supportive core and your body held in one solid position. If you're loosey-goosey you're more prone to injury when dropping.

Step 5 - Complete one rotation & you'll end facing upward.

Step 6 - To exit, sit up and unwind your leg wraps. Reach down and pass the tail overhead to fully release the wrap.

Mistake #1 - Incorrect Wrap - Having the silk too high on your waist or forgetting the extra 2 leg wraps are both recipes for mishap and injury.

Mistake #2 - No committing. Make sure you've walked the drop down plenty of times and you are ready to commit. Reacting mid-way through and trying to stop yourself during a drop can lead to injury.

Mistake #3 - Not holding Hollow Body. You need to have a strong & supportive core in order to execute the drop safely. Practicing the Rolling Hollow Body conditioning exercise in the video can help!

Similar to the drop I shared last week, the additional leg wraps allow you to drop without holding onto the tail. In addition, this drop doesn't require a ton of height, a definite win!

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