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Technique Tip Tuesday - Opposite Side Inversion Climb

It's that day again, Technique Tip Tuesday! In the spotlight this week is a climb that is rather basic however, many to find it to be very challenging. What is it? Opposite Side Inversion Climb! Common mistakes include slipping knees, trapped hands and more! If this climb is a challenge for you I'm pretty sure the tips below will help ya out .

1) It's called Opposite Side Inversion Climb due to hooking the opposite knee to the side that the fabric is on. It naturally alternates sides as you climb up. 2) When hooking your knee make sure to keep your hips lifted & hook it above your hand. Hooking too close to it can lead to a trapped hand and slipping! 3) Once your knee is hooked gently press the pinky toe edge side of your foot towards the pole to secure your hook even more. 4) Release the same hand to the knee that is hooked and reach high above it. Use your bottom hand to make a 'shelf' around your knee for extra support. Your free leg should be straight and aiming down behind you (not up or hooking ankles!) 5) Begin to cross your free leg over your hooked knee as you quickly move your bottom hand to the pole. Pull your chest to the pole with your elbows to your sides. 6) Maintain bent arms as you lengthen your legs below you & allow the fabric to fall to your opposite side (inverting from straight arms is possible in this climb although more advanced). ❌Common Mistakes: #1 Your Knee Slips - Check your knee hook technique #2 Not Driving Free Leg Down - Practice the hammock knot drill shown in the video #3 Wrong Arm Leads - Reaching with the same arm as hooked knee looks cleaner and allows for the 'shelf' around the knee #4 Hooking knee on hands - You must lift your hips up prior to hooking your knee

With encouragement, Jill

P.S. There's still time to grab your spot in The Inversion Method. I'm confident by applying the lessons in the course, you'll be working your way up to this climb in no time! You have until this Thursday, October 22nd at 8pm PST to join. Click here to grab your spot.


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