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Technique Tip - Guilty of 'plopping'?

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

Might you find it difficult to hold your inversions? Does gravity tend to win? Possibly you're an aerial teacher and would like to help your students overcome their 'plopping' ways? If so, this tip is for you!

We all know getting our booty overhead with ease is no easy task. It takes technique, strength, practice, patience and more patience.

One common habit I've come across over the years is the tendency for aerialists to 'plop' down out of their inversions (and other skills!). Oftentimes they're not aware that they're doing it.

The problem with plopping is it can lead to trips, falls and injuries even if you're low to the mat. In addition, it doesn't support progressive training habits.

So how does one overcome plopping?

Step 1 - Be aware that you're doing it!

Step 2 - Practice strength & technique building exercises such as the ones shown in the video below.

Step 3 - Imagine there are a bunch of adorable kittens, puppies, bunnies (whatever you love most) underneath you and you don't want to smash them when lowering to the mat. This imagery can do wonders for awareness!

Exercise #1 - Straddle Extensions

From split silks invert & hook your feet for stability (optional wrist locks for extra support). Lift hips up as high as you can toward your hands with your feet supporting you. Draw shoulder blades together to widen your collar bones. You want your shoulders, ribcage and hips to be stacked one over the other.

Extend one leg at a time into a 'half' straddle. Focus on your form - upper back active, hips lifted, extended leg turned out and forearms pressing in toward your upper thighs for stability. Repeat 3-4x on each leg eventually work toward extending both legs and holding. *You could also practice this exercise with silks together.

Exercise #2 Tuck Lowers

Invert into a tuck with split silks. Focus on drawing your elbows into your sides with knees to your chest as you slowly lower to the mat. Aim to make as little noise as possible when your feet meet the mat (kitties underneath you). Repeat 5x.

Exercise #3 Hang Time

Begin from a split silk climb. Bend elbows into sides and release your feet from the silks. Squeeze legs together and draw core in. Hold and breathe until you reach your max personal best! A good goal is 10-30 seconds. *You could also practice this with silks together and alternate the hand that is on top.

As with anything overcoming 'the plop' does take time but I'm confident if you practice the exercises shown in the video above a couple of times a week you'll be well on your way.

With encouragement, Jill

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