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Technique Tip - Single Hand Split Roll-Up

If you follow us on Instagram you may have seen a recent 'challenge' that was posted. I received many requests to do a technique tip on it so here we are!

The 'challenge' included a Single Hand Split Roll-Up. Click here to see the post.

The skill requires shoulder stability, grip strength and active legs in your splits.

For most, rolling out feels much more difficult than rolling up. In addition, it's possible your shoulder may feel cranky when doing so. If that's you see below for a video of common mistakes and a few preparation exercises to help!

Make sure to thoroughly warmed up with dynamic shoulder movements and stretch your splits prior.

Mistake #1 Rolling with a bent arm. While it is possible, a lengthened arm will be more stable. If the right leg is forward reach the right arm high. Grab the silk and think about pulling it down, this will help recruit the muscles surrounding your shoulder.

Mistake #2 Bent knees. If your knees bend it's a sign your legs aren't fully active and it's possible that your foot locks will come off due to a lack of tension in the silks.

Mistake #3 Not preparing your shoulders well enough prior. If you jump up and go without properly preparing it's possible your shoulders will feel cranky. If you prepare and your shoulders feel sensations of pain then it's possible more strength needs to be built and/or there's an injury that the skill is aggravating.

Preparation & Strength-Building Exercises:

#1 - Straight Arm Hang - Aim to hold for 20-30 counts with active shoulders (not fully shrugged and not pulling down, the mid-way place) click here for a recent tech tip on the topic).

#2 - Mark it on the floor! Split on the floor between the silks. If your right leg is forward reach your right hand high. Move from external to internal rotation with your shoulder 5-10x. Pause in slight external rotation and actively pull the silk down. This is the shoulder position you'll want to aim for in the air.

#3 - Practice shoulder engagement in the air Do the same #3 exercise you did on the floor in the air. Tighten your quads and pull up through your center to support yourself.

#4 - Up & Down Splits Begin from your split with your hand high. Squeeze your legs together to stand up and lower down to your split. Aim to use your legs as much as possible instead of depending solely on your grip.

Give those exercises a try prior to going for the real deal. Start with 1 or 2 rolls prior to progressing to 3. And yes, practice on both sides!

I'd love to see you in action! You have the month of October to enter the challenge, share your Split Roll-Up video on Instagram and tag #iloveap & @aerialphysique so I can cheer you on!


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