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Technique Tip Tuesday - Swivel to Catcher's

In the spotlight this week is a smoother, quicker way into Catcher’s Lock. Yep, it exists! The name, “Catcher’s Lock,” refers to the flying trapeze trick by the same name that the catcher gets into when catching the flyer.

On vertical apparatuses like silks and rope, it refers to a same side hook with the bottom leg wrapped once. This is the foundation for many skills and drops, such as a Single Star. Today’s tip is a quicker, cooler way into it which also eliminates a couple of steps.

1) Begin with the rope/silk on your right side and swivel to the left, away from the rope/silk.

2) Bring your right hip up to your right rib as you begin to swivel. This will put the tail over your butt which will minimize slack produced when you invert.

3) Keep swiveling until the tail is high up on your left hip. If the tail is lower on your left leg, more slack will be created as you invert.

4) Invert and hook your right knee and bam you're in Catcher's! (much quicker than hooking your knee, swimming behind for the tail and manually wrapping your bottom leg).

Try to make it slow and controlled; it’s much easier to swivel quicker but control is the key to master this skill! Note that this also “half” of the One Shot S-Wrap. Just like you can add “flare” to a One Shot S-Wrap, you can also add it here!​

We'd love to see how you incorporate this Swivel to Catcher's pathway into your skill set ups! Tag us on the gram @aerialphysique.

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