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Technique Tip - Double Knee Climb

The Double Knee Climb requires precise placement of your knees, hamstring engagement, sitting your booty back and the correct hand pathway.

After watching the full technique tip, I'm confident you'll be on your way to shimmying your knees up the silks with more ease :)

Let's get to it!

1) Begin from a pike between the fabrics. Hook your knees on one strand of the silk. When hooking be sure to hook your knees one at a time above your hands while carefully placing the fabric in the back of your 'knee pit'. If you hook both knees simultaneously it's likely you'll slip.

2) Squeeze your heels toward your bum as you sit your booty back, you should be able to comfortably release one hand at a time to climb up the free fabric. If you're sliding check your knee and hip placement. Slippery leggings can be a factor but more often than not it's technique over leggings!

3) If you hooked your knees on the right side, for example, reach your right hand to the free fabric above your left hand. Climb your left above your right and lastly your right hand across to the pole (the side that your knees are hooked on). It's 3 hand movements total. Think across, above, across. Pull your chest toward the poles and release your knees. Continue on the same side or alternate sides as you climb.

Mistake #1 - Hooking knees simultaneously. While it may work for some, I've found that hooking knees at the same time doesn't give you the best grip behind your knees. When you hook one at a time you're able to firmly squeeze the silk directly behind your 'knee pit'.

Mistake #2 - Incorrect hand pathway. It's possible to do the climb by reaching above your knees first instead of across, however, it doesn't lead to gaining much height and it can look and feel awkward.

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