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Technique Tip Tuesday - Inverting in the Air

Let's chat about inversions! Raise your hand if yours could use some improvement. Did your hand go up? (it's ok, I won't tell 😉)

Inversions are a foundational skill that many don't take the time to clean up because there are so many more ‘fun’ things to do!

I get it, however, by focusing on a strong foundation, you're doing yourself a favor in the long run! Watch the video below to check out the technique tip.

In addition, I'm excited to announce that we'll be opening the doors to our online Inversion Method course for a limited time starting next Wednesday, October 14th. Save the date!

To start, place your hands in front of your chest, elbows drawing into your sides, and collar bones wide.

Release your feet from the fabric and keep your legs straight. Circle your inside leg around the tail (right leg, if you began from a Classic Climb).

Prior to inverting, the silk must be on the side of your body (right side climb, silk to the right).

Turn-out your legs from our hips, lift them to the side into a straddle as you simultaneously rotate backward and lengthen your arms. Once inverted, keep your hips lifting up to your hands. Gently draw your shoulder blades together and maintain an open chest (no hunching).

To exit, pull-up, retrace your path and step on the tail.

Inversions are challenging and there's a lot that can wrong! Here a few common mistakes:

Mistake #1 - Kicking the silk - Due to not keeping the legs straight or circling the inside leg fully around the tail.

Mistake #2 - Starting with hands too high - This requires you to do an extra pull-up. It's not needed & makes it harder than it needs to be! Your arms should be bent (easier) or fully straight (harder), not in between.

Mistake #3 - Arms melt - This is due to a lack of strength in your bent arm position.

Mistake #4 - Silks between legs - The silk should be to the side of your body and not between your legs when inverting.

Mistake #5 - Cheating yourself out of building strength by jumping up & plopping down - A small jump is ok when you're first learning, but for many, the habit lingers. When it comes to inverting in the air it feels so much more difficult, because there's no floor to jump from! Plopping down doesn't do you any favors either, it's sloppy, you're not building strength and if you plop down from the air it can lead to a fall or injury, yikes!

Whew, I have even more to say about inversions but I’ll leave you with that!

In our online Inversion Method course, I break down inverting in even more depth with easy to follow at-home and aerial conditioning exercises to help you finally invert with ease!

Whether you're new to inverting, you're focusing on building back your endurance after a long break, or would like to achieve straight arm inversions, this course can help.

Hundreds of aerialists from around the world have taken part in The Inversion Method and have gotten results, you can too!

Enrollment opens for a limited time starting October 14th, save the date! Click here for all the details.

Remember, good things take time and aerial is far from 'easy'. That the fact that you're an aerialist already makes you a badass!

With encouragement, 💖 Jill

Have questions about The Inversion Method? Click here for our FAQs page.


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