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Technique Tip Tuesday - Single Star

It's Technique Tip Tuesday time. In the spotlight this week is Single Star - it's simple, challenging to do with good form and yes, somewhat painful. It's possible you even let out a squeal or two at the bottom of the drop when first learning it.

See below for tips to make your Single Star clean, beautiful and even less painful! ​

1) The wrap consists of a single thigh wrap (Catchers) and a belly wrap from front to back. At the end of the drop if you find it to be painful around your upper thigh, place 2 thigh wraps on as shown in the video. This gives you more padding around your thigh at the bottom of the drop. 2) Before you drop, set up your star shape. Abs are in with front ribs down towards hips, lower back is lengthened, torso is lifted up to the side and bottom hand holds the tail with your arm straight reaching overhead. You can extend your hooked leg and place the arch of your foot on the pole or pop into the drop from your knee hook. 3) When you drop, think about resisting the direction that the drop is taking by keeping your body tight, especially in your core and legs. 4) Your body moves in one piece when doing star drops, your torso should not move before your legs. 5) During the drop, the top hand can meet the bottom hand by grabbing the tail, or you can reach your arms overhead in a V shape. 6) Aim to stick the landing! End with your free leg bent towards the chest or legs together. To get out you can use your free foot as support to help you climb up, drop the tail off your shoulder and unwind your wraps. Top 3 common mistakes: #1 Not lifting shoulders up to the side #2 Not extending bottom arm by ear #3 Not releasing top arm soon enough It's important to learn the star drop technique well so when you add on more rotations (double & triple!) your body is familiar with the correct pathway. I'd love to see your Single Star progress. Tag me on the 'gram @aerialphysique & #iloveap.

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