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Ls Models Ls Island Issue 03 Midsummer


Ls Models Ls Island Issue 03 Midsummer

Category:2005 births Category:Living people Category:White House Chief of Staff Category:Columbia Law School alumni Category:Councillors in New York City Category:Viticulturists Category:Presidential Reapportionment Advisory Board membersThe Pentagon has been using a U.S. Navy ship as a sea base for its warplanes fighting ISIS (Daesh) near the Syrian city of Raqqa in recent months, according to military analysts, who said the deployment of the USS San Antonio shows that President Donald Trump is inching the U.S. military deeper into the region. The USS San Antonio has been repurposed as a staging area for Marine Corps F-18s and the Air Force’s C-130H “Aerial Sprayers” that helped the U.S.-backed Kurdish forces in Syria retake the city last month from ISIS. Syrian Democratic Forces spokesperson Karzan Sadak said in a statement last week that “the U.S. started to provide air support for the SDF’s operation to liberate Raqqa, the terrorist capital of Daesh.” The U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces liberated the city and its surrounding areas from the control of ISIS during a fierce campaign. The USS San Antonio is the sister ship of the USS San Jacinto, which has been conducting airstrikes against ISIS positions near the Iraq-Syria border. The San Jacinto, launched in 1996, was retired in September and her last deployment ended in December 2015, according to the Navy. “The USS San Jacinto was fully recommissioned in 2017 in order to provide advanced anti-air warfare with key [Air Force] tools to support the U.S. Global Strike Command’s efforts in theater,” said a Defense News report at the time, which noted that the warship also had support capabilities for ground forces. The San Jacinto’s new mission is receiving U.S. air cover for the liberation of Raqqa, according to the Defense News report. “I can confirm that we have two aircraft carriers in the eastern Mediterranean region,” U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) spokesman Army Col. John Thomas told reporters on Sept. 5. CENTCOM also confirmed that the USS San Antonio is deployed to the U.S. 5th Fleet area of operations, where the U.S. had approximately 80 warships last August, according to

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