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Straight-Arm Inversions

Gain strength & flexibility in all the right places for clean straight-arm inversions!

If you’ve been struggling with your straight-arm inversions for ages and you just want to know:

What to do with your shoulders

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How to finally lift your hips


And keep those arms straight DURING the inversion

Then I created something just for you!

Press play and allow these aerialists to fill you in on all the exciting details!




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Watching my students and members struggling with straight-arm inversions, I decided to create a program for those who are done wasting hours and hours learning straight-arm inversions and want a simple no-fluff guide to finally learn how to do them consistently 🤩

Say goodbye to…

🙅… wrestling with the technique, unsure how to actually keep your arms straight and lift your hips to nail that straight-arm inversion

🙅… wasting weeks on random exercises and techniques just to find out they weren’t very effective 


🙅… seeing your friends ace the straight-arm inversion and level up to more dynamic moves

Instead, you now can...

🥳… execute the straight-arm inversion, knowing exactly which muscles to engage to achieve clean lines

🥳… move on to more advanced maneuvers, like beats & dynamics 


🥳… incorporate the inversion into your performances, bringing them up a notch

"Thrilled to announce my newfound ability to invert with straight arms, thanks to the Straight Arm Inversion Mini Course! While there's always room for improvement, the techniques are no longer elusive. The exercises not only enhanced my skills but also played a crucial role in rehabbing my shoulder injury. This course is a game-changer—I highly recommend it to anyone looking to up their aerial game. Aerial Physique courses are great and helping me get closer to true Superhero status! "
Ben @jedihoplo


The Straight-Arm Inversion Mini-Course

This short n' sweet mini course is your roadmap to clean straight-arm inversions that elevate your aerial performance!


In this course, you will learn step-by-step how to prepare for a straight-arm inversion, how to engage your shoulders and lift your hips to achieve those clean lines. Plus: we’ll teach you how to actually keep your arms straight during the inversion, too 🤩 

The only thing standing between you and inverting with straight arms is the right roadmap.

That’s why we teach straight-arm inversions step-by-step:



Breakdown of Common Mistakes:

Clear insights into common mistakes and how to avoid them.


Easy-to-Follow Warm-Ups:

Tailored warm-up routines (20 mins each) designed to target specific needs for mastering straight arm inversions.



Aerial Conditioning for Straight Arm Inversions:

Specialized aerial conditioning, taught on silks but adaptable to other apparatus like rope or hammock/sling.


Technique Breakdown:
In-depth breakdown of techniques, ensuring a clear understanding of each step.

Pre-recorded Videos and Printable Guides:

Resources in the form of pre-recorded videos and printable guides for convenient learning.

Private Facebook Group:


Exclusive community access for connecting with fellow aerialists, sharing experiences, and seeking advice.

Straight Arm Inversion Workout Planner:

A customized workout planner to guide your journey toward mastering straight arm inversions.

With this Straight-Arm course, you’ll know exactly how to achieve those clean lines, lift your hips effortlessly and gain enough strength to keep your arms straight even DURING the inversions.

I’ve taught countless students how to do a clean inversion with straight arms in my classes.


But my method doesn’t only work for studio classes ⬇

Malina @humanomalina

"Jill's resources improved my straight-arm inverts! Despite my unique body-to-arm strength ratio, this course addressed my struggles with inversions. It emphasized revisiting "easy" exercises and tackling challenging ones safely. The well-structured warm-up, thoughtful sequencing, and reduced repetitions led to significant improvement. Now, my straight arm inverts might surpass my bent arm ones, and I'm on the brink of achieving consecutive clean inverts without the fear of injury. Joining this course was a game-changer!"

Yunyi @susanquyy

"I've always wanted to achieve those smooth straight arm inversions but struggled with frustration. Jill’s new online mini-course changed the game. I tested every module diligently, and I'm impressed. The warm-up sessions are a treat, strengthening my shoulders and core. The aerial conditioning modules, though challenging, offer crucial step-by-step guidance, like a personal training session. The straight-arm technique module feels like the real deal, and I'm confident I'm on the right track. Jill's skills and professionalism shine through, making this course a joy. Highly recommend!"

Megan @meggie810

“Straight arm inversions have been a huge challenge for me because they're the one skill that requires all my weak areas and I've never been good at training those areas to get stronger. After just one month I already feel stronger and have a better understanding of the proper engagement needed to accomplish a straight arm inversion. Most importantly too, I love that the course has multiple skill levels built into it so that each time I run through it I'm able to push myself to try the next level of the workout and feel even more accomplished after each session."


You're supposed to be this seasoned aerialist, and here you are, unable to crack the code. You've hit a wall, and it's a real bummer. 

You just want to nail that straight-arm inversion and feel the victory, not the 'what the heck am I missing?' vibe.


It's frustrating, you know? 


You've got the strength, or at least you thought you did.

But apparently, you just can't do it. You're giving it your all, but your hips? 

They're like, 'Nope, not today," and your grip starts slipping too after a few attempts. Your teacher says, 'engage your shoulders,' but you're not exactly sure what that means!

Straight Arm Inversion Mini-Course is the fast pass to gain strength for your future inversions, to prime your aerial practice so that you utilze the right technique and lift your hips easily (plus achieve those clean lines).





Aerial Conditioning for Straight Arm Inversions:

Learning straight-arm inversions without the right context can be really frustrating. That’s why we include special exercises - specialized aerial conditioning - we teach them on silks but they can be adapted to other apparatus like rope or hammock/sling as well.


Technique Breakdown:

Inverting with straight arms isn’t easy. But with our in-depth breakdown of techniques, you will know EXACTLY what to do in each step.


Straight Arm Inversion Training Planner:

Achieving your goals requires effort. This personalized planner is designed to assist you in staying focused and maintaining a steady course toward straight-arm success.

Are you ready to lift your hips with ease and invert with straight arms, even to hold that inversion a little longer without your grip giving out?


Then the Straight-Arm Inversion Mini-Course is for you!


  • Pre-recorded Videos and Printable Guides ….. Value $197

  • Easy-to-Follow Warm-Ups  ….. Value $97

  • Aerial Conditioning for Straight Arm Inversions ….. Value $47

  • Private Facebook Group ….. Priceless! 

  • Straight Arm Inversion Workout Planner….. Value $27


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Hey there!

I'm Jill, a seasoned aerialist with over 15 years of experience under my belt. My goal is to make the art of defying gravity less intimidating and more achievable for everyone. After observing the common challenges aerialists face with straight-arm inversions, I decided to take action and unleash a solution. And thus, the Straight-Arm Inversions was born - a proven blueprint for aerialists to conquer their inversions with straight arms once and for all, and skyrocket their confidence in the process!!

Say goodbye to frustration and hello to inversion success! With my guidance, I've seen countless aerialists from around the world transform from inversion newbies to confident flyers, and it's been an absolute blast.

When I'm not in the air, you can find me perfecting my handstands, cozying up with my fur babies Missy and May over a cappuccino, or embarking on a culinary adventure in my hubby's vintage VW Bus "Gus" in search of the best croissants in town!

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Imagine if you could:

🥳… effortlessly execute the straight-arm inversion, 

knowing exactly which muscles to engage to achieve clean lines


🥳… move on to more advanced maneuvers, like beats & dynamics

🥳… incorporate the inversion into your performances, 

bringing them up a notch

Frequently Asked Questions
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Does this course come with live support/what if I have questions?

Yes! You can join our private Facebook group to ask Jill questions, share videos and connect with fellow aerialists.

What level is this course for?

This course is for aerialists who can invert with bent arms and are looking to level-up their practice. It’s also fantastic for teachers who’d like to help their students unlock their straight-arm inverts!

How do I practice the aerial lessons if I don't have a rig at home?

Great question! By watching the aerial lessons, we are confident you'll gain insight and tips you can apply to your training. There are also highly effective warm-ups that can be done at home without your aerial apparatus. Does your studio have open practice time? Can you ask your instructor if you can do some extra conditioning before or after class? Do you have a friend who has a rig in their backyard?

What if it doesn't work for me, do you offer refunds?

We're all about putting in the effort for what you've invested in. Sorry, no refunds – it's a commitment thing!

Don't see your question answered? Email us at 
We're happy to hear from you! 

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