Become a Windmill


Train on your own schedule and tune in from anywhere in the world using easy to follow videos and printable guides. Included in this online course are at-home workouts, lessons in technique, s-wrap entries, and solutions for common bad habits. Once you join the course is yours for years to come. 

The Windmill Method

How to nail it every time

(and say goodbye to the floppy mess!)

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Okay cool, but does it really work?
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"Being able to put a name to your mistakes is so empowering. No longer do I have the oh-so-daunting goal of “fixing my windmills.” Based upon my windmiller type, my goals now include fixing my hand placement, identifying a focal point, and strengthening my active straddle.


Best of all, the tips, tricks, and workouts to improve upon each windmiller type are all built right into the course! I am incredibly proud of the improvement I have shown and I cannot wait to continue to work through these mistakes!" 


"Despite doing aerial for so long, I discovered new things in this course and I'm excited to continue training to improve. These are exercises that you can always apply in your workouts and will be useful for all your aerial work!!!


Before quarantine, I was training Windmills but I was very discouraged with my results. Now, I'm excited to continue training and give my best!"


"When I was first taught how to do a windmill I felt that it was impossible for me. I thought it was one of those things that I would never be capable of doing, but the way The Windmill Method breaks it down and made it feel possible!!


I worked through the home workouts and pretty quickly was seeing a difference! I still have work to do, but this accomplishment feels SUPER and SURPRISING and AMAZING and just AWESOME!!!! Thank you Aerial Physique for really upping my aerial game and my self-confidence!" 


What do I get when I join?

Say goodbye to the floppy mess and those terrible gut crushing moments, for good!

Module 1

Discover your Windmill Type

Module 2 

At-Home Workouts - 2 Levels

Module 3 

Beginner - Advanced S-Wrap Entries 

Module 4

Module 5

Module 6

Windmill Technique Breakdown

Solutions for the 8 Types of Windmillers

BONUS MODULE! Windmill Variations

*Plus, access to the private Windmill Method Facebook Group

Finally, understand what to do with your hands.

Gain the strength, mobility, and technique to nail your Windmills every time.

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How much is it? 

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1 Payment

$159 USD

Paid in full

2 Payments

$89 USD

2nd payment due in 1 month


Plus, for every person who signs up, we'll

donate $10 to @browngirlsdoballet

A non-profit whose purpose is to promote diversity in ballet. 

I'm into it, but I have questions.

Great, we have answers!

How long do I have access? Once you join, it's yours for YEARS to come. 

How does it work? You'll gain instant access to easy to follow video tutorials and printable guides. The first step is to watch the assessment video to discover your 'Windmiller' type. From there, dive into the at-home workouts that target your 'windmilling' muscles, followed by s-wrap entires, technique breakdown, and solutions for common bad habits. 

Will this be offered again? Enrollment closes on July 1st at 9 pm PST. If you don't join this time around, you'll have to wait until 2021.

Something else? Visit our FAQ page.

The Windmill Method is for age 18 and up only.

Videos available on by Aerial Physique Inc. are intended for use as a tool of reference for those who are taking aerial classes with a qualified instructor. Always practice aerial on apparatus installed by a professional rigger, rigged from an overhead anchor graded to hold 5,000 lbs or more.

Rigging from trees is not recommended. Be sure to place a thick crash mat underneath you. 

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