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While you wait, check out this limited-time offer and save $43 ⬇

Elevate your aerial practice - anytime, anywhere.

Wondering how to fit quality aerial training into your

budget without breaking the bank?

Imagine having skilled aerial coaches available on demand, guiding you through every skill with precision and care.

Picture yourself enhancing your progress with fresh perspectives and concise explanations, experiencing those sought-after "aha" moments.

As a teacher, envision saving countless hours on reviewing skills, lesson plans, and sequences, and focus on what you love most—inspiring and empowering your students.


You may even dream of attending aerial classes every day if you could, but we understand how costly that can be. Your passion for aerial shouldn't break the bank, right? 🙌

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The Aerial Physique TV!

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Your ultimate companion on your aerial journey, designed to be the perfect complement to your in-person training, helping you unlock new skills and reach new heights! Gain access to a supportive community of like-minded aerialists and a wealth of resources that will elevate your aerial practice like never before! 🙌


All delivered to you with:

  • over 400 searchable step-by-step tutorials on silks, rope & hammock

  • appropriate for a variety of levels

  • new tutorials added each month

  • LIVE masterclasses with Jill and other top-notch aerialists

  • monthly challenges with fun aerial prizes

Just $7, then $24.99/month - cancel anytime




The membership comes with over 400 step-by-step tutorials covering a wide range of skills on silks, rope, and hammock, providing you with a comprehensive resource to elevate your aerial journey.



Curate your personalized aerial journey by creating playlists and saving your favorite videos for easy access and endless inspiration.


LIVE Masterclasses

Unlock the ultimate aerial experience with exclusive members-only access to LIVE masterclasses led by Jill and a lineup of exceptional aerialists, bringing you insider knowledge and inspiration straight to your screen.

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Lesson plan category

Discover our newly added lesson plan category, designed to provide structured training programs and guidance to help you achieve specific aerial goals.


Monthly challenges with prizes

Showcase your skills in our monthly challenges and compete with fellow aerialists, and win fabulous aerial prizes that will add an extra spark to your training journey.


Private Facebook community

Gain access to our exclusive private community, where you can connect, share, and thrive alongside fellow passionate aerialists.

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Referral program

Spread the aerial love! Refer your friends to join and earn a rewarding bonus of 30 days free membership for each friend who becomes part of our incredible aerial community.

Just $7, then $24.99/month - cancel anytime


“I recommend Aerial Physique TV because it’s the most comprehensive and well-organized aerial skills app out there! I especially love that new content is added every month! Each lesson is broken down into steps in slow-mo, and Jill and Gabe are good at giving extra tips along the way so you know what to expect when trying it out for yourself. I refer back to basic skills frequently when teaching beginners in order to refresh my memory on how to wrap properly and for help with how to explain the skills most efficiently.

This app is a must-have tool in every aerialist toolbox!”

“Aerial Physique TV absolutely saved me during the pandemic and subsequent closure of my local aerial studio. I love the clips and tips!

The app is formatted to be easy to use and the videos have clear and concise information. It’s kept me motivated to keep working hard and to continue learning on my backyard rig.

My husband has even used it for practicing on the rope. 🙌🏼”

Aerial Physique is beautifully presented with in-depth information for the at-home aerialist.

I'd be lost without these tutorials and I can safely and effectively work and progress at my own speed. Jill helped me stay motivated and on task during multiple lockdowns in France.

Thank you for creating a valuable resource for aerialists everywhere!”


I've got some fantastic news for you!

Unlock the secrets to up-leveling your aerial game without

breaking the bank! Imagine having skilled aerial coaches available on demand, guiding you with precision and care. 


With step-by-step tutorials, live masterclasses, personalized aerial playlists and warm-up routines at your fingertips, say goodbye to endless scrolling on social media to find your training focuses.


Get ready to access top-notch training resources and elevate your skills, anytime, anywhere!

So if you want to:

  • Train with the best with countless step-by-step tutorials on silks, rope & hammock

  • Have access to them anytime, anywhere

  • Become a part of a supportive community of aerial enthusiasts just like you

  • Get access to new tutorials added each month 

  • Get exclusive members-only access to LIVE masterclasses with Jill and other top-notch aerialists  

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Then I have something for you…

Introducing APTV


… or join our membership with a curated library of over 400 step-by-step tutorials on silks, rope & hammock.


If you want to bring your aerial skills to new heights and train with top-notch coaches (for a fraction of the price of studio lessons) then I invite you to join Aerial Physique TV!

Just $7, then $24.99/month - cancel anytime

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Hey there!

I'm Jill, a seasoned aerialist with 15 years of experience under my belt. My goal is to make the art of defying gravity less intimidating and more achievable for everyone. 


And thus, the Aerial Physique TV was born - a place for aerialists to conquer their struggles & challenges once and for all, and skyrocket their confidence in the process!!

When I'm not in the air, you can find me perfecting my handstands, cozying up with my fur babies Missy and May over a cappuccino, or embarking on a culinary adventure in my hubby's vintage VW Bus "Gus" in search of the best croissants in town!

Jill headshot tt course.jpg


Q: Does this membership come with live support/what if I have questions?

A: Yes! You can comment on any of the tutorials, ask questions in our private community and we're an email away! 


Q: What level is this membership for?

A: Aerial Physique TV is a comprehensive membership site that caters to aerialists of all skill levels. Whether you're a beginner looking to learn the basics or an advanced practitioner seeking to refine your technique, Aerial Physique TV has something for everyone. With a wide range of instructional videos, including easy-to-follow warm-ups, beginner skills, and advanced-level tutorials, the site is designed to meet the needs of aerialists at every stage of their journey. Additionally, Aerial Physique TV is a valuable resource for aerial teachers, offering content to enhance their instruction and inspire their students.


Q: How do I practice if I don't have a rig at home? 

A: Great question! By watching the tutorials and masterclasses, we are confident you'll gain insight and tips you can apply to your training. There are also warm-ups and floor exercises that can be done anywhere! 


Q: Is there a minimum age requirement? 

A: Yes, you must be a minimum of 18 years old to participate in our courses as stated in our Terms & Conditions


Q: What if it doesn't work for me? Do you offer refunds? 

A: We have a strict no-refund policy.  But here’s the great news - you can cancel anytime.

Just $7, then $24.99/month - cancel anytime

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