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In-Person Teacher Training FAQs

What level do I need to be to apply for Level One?

Participants should be at an Intermediate level or above with a minimum of 2-3 years of silks experience. 


What are the application requirements? 
Click here to see the required skills for the video portion of your application. We are seeking skills to be demonstrated with clean technique and ease of movement. If you cannot complete specific skills due to an injury, disability, or pregnancy, don't hesitate to contact us at and we'll offer alternate options for you.

Is there an application fee?

To apply for our Level One courses, a non-refundable $25 USD fee includes a review of your video and application by Jill Franklin. There is no fee to apply for Level Two or Three. 

How much is the course? 

​Our 2024 courses are $1500 USD or three monthly payments of $525 USD.

Aerial Physique is not responsible for the cost of flights, meals, or accommodations. 


What age do I need to be? 
We have a minimum age requirement of 18. Our eldest attendee so far is 68 years young! 

I took a Level One course with a different aerial teacher training provider. Can I skip Level One with Aerial Physique and attend Level Two? 

Each aerial arts course covers unique skills and curriculum. For this reason, we require all attendees to complete and pass our Level One course before attending Level Two. 

What if I'm not accepted into the course? 

If you're not accepted, it's likely due to a lack of experience or the necessary skill set required to participate in the course. We'll offer individual feedback for each applicant with improvement tips. 

Is the program recognized through a national fitness or circus education association?

Aerial Physique Teacher Training is proudly recognized by NASM, AFFA and American Circus Educators.

I'm interested in taking the course to obtain CEUs for my NASM or AFFA certification. How many credits is the course good for? 

For NASM 1.9 CEUs and for AFAA 15 CEUs. 


I’m interested in taking the course but don’t intend to teach. Is this allowed?

Yes! Everyone attends our courses for different reasons. Many aerialists join to gain more awareness and understanding of their own practice. If this is your intention, please indicate it on the application.

Will I get a certificate? 

Attendees will receive a Certificate of Completion from Aerial Physique Inc. upon completion of the following:

  1. Attendance of all 30 in-class hours of training.

  2. Maintains a positive attitude, demonstrates respect for course guidelines, your instructor and peers.

  3. Passing scores on the final written, skills & teaching assessments taken during the course. We are seeking excellence in our teacher training graduates and have high standards for passing scores. If you do not pass, you will be given one year to submit a video and complete any requirements. 

  4. CPR/First Aid certification (can be completed online)


Where can I complete the CPR & First Aid Course?

Although in-person is ideal, there are many online options. We recommend the National CPR Foundation CPR/AED and First Aid course for $20.95 USD. This course is required to receive your Aerial Physique Teacher Training Certification.


Does my certification expire?

It's imperative that attendees who receive an Aerial Physique certification follow and stay up to date on safety guidelines, techniques, protocols and teach from a place of integrity. For this reason, your Level One certification will expire two years from that date on your certificate unless you take part and pass Level Two before your Level One expiration date. Click here for the easy renewal process and terms. 

When will the virtual version of Level One reopen?

Save the date - we plan to reopen enrollment for the virtual Level One course on March 1st, 2024. Our virtual version may be a good option if traveling isn't feasible and you have a safe studio or at-home set-up.

Will the course be taught in English? 

Course materials are in English. We will lead our Level One course in West Palm Beach, FL between June 24th -28th in English and Spanish. Please email us to inquire further.


Do you offer teacher training in Lyra, hammock, rope, or trapeze? 

Currently, we only offer aerial silk teacher training courses. 

Don't see your question here?  Email us!


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