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Courses are recognized by NASM, AFAA & American Circus Educators

From Beginner to Advanced

Teacher Training

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In-Person Teacher Training

In Person TT

2023 Cities & Dates

@ Aerial Physique | August 7th - 11th 
10am - 4:30pm daily 

7 - 11

Led by Jill & Gabe | *3 Spots Open

@ Aerial Physique | August 21st - 25th
10am - 4:30pm daily 

21 - 25

Led by Jill & Gabe | *2 Spots Open

@ Nashville Aerial Arts

2 - 6

Led by Jill Franklin 

@ Aerial Physique | Oct. 16th - 20th
10am - 4:30pm daily 

16 - 20

Led by Gabe Hilden-Reid  | *3 Spots Open

2024 locations & dates to be announced 

Courses have been previously offered in:
Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Croatia, Thailand, China, New Zealand, Australia and throughout the USA. 

In-Person Teacher Training Investment

2023 In-Person Rates

Application Fee: $25 USD

Single Payment: $1500 USD
Payment Plan: 3 monthly payments of $525 USD

*Rates do not include flights, accommodations, or meals

2023 Level One Online Rates (applications will reopen on May 1st, 2023)

Application Fee: $25 USD

Course Fee | Single Payment: $949 USD
Course Fee | Payment Plan: 3 Payments of $329 USD

*Additional $150 certification review fee applies upon course completion (online only)

Teacher Training Pricig

Safety, technique & etiquette

Our Teacher Training course is recognized by American Circus Educators, NASM & AFFA and sets high standards for safety, proper technique and class etiquette. The Aerial Physique Teacher Training program aims to prepare and train highly qualified & knowledgeable aerialists to become seasoned instructors. The program will provide instructors with full comprehension and mastery of proven methods pioneered by Aerial Physique and will correctly and safely prepare professional aerial silk instructors worldwide.  We offer three levels of certification ranging from Beginner Aerial Silks Instructor to Advanced. Upon passing each level of the curriculum, instructors will become certified by Aerial Physique. 

Applicants must be over the age of 18 to apply. 

Intro & Beg

Level one - Intro & Beginner (also available online)

  • Must have a minimum of 2-3 years of aerial silk experience, be over the age of 18, send in a video submission and fill out the application for approval to attend. A $25 USD application fee applies.

  • Course Covers: Introductory through Beginner Aerial Silk Curriculum, Proper Technique, Risk Assessment, Spotting, Pilates-based Warm-Up, Alignment & Posture, Basic Anatomy, Stretching Methods, Common Aerial Injuries, Basic Rigging, Aerial Class Lesson Plans & More!  

  • Requirements to obtain the Aerial Physique Level One Teacher Certification: 

  • Attend a Level One teacher training course 

  • Pass the Level One written, aerial skills and teaching tests

  • Obtain CPR & First Aid Certifications (not part of the course, can be completed online)

Level two - Intermediate 

  • Must have 3-4 years of aerial silk experience and pass Aerial Physique Level One Course to attend 

  • Course Covers: Intermediate Level Aerial Silk Curriculum, Risk Assessment, Sequencing, Lesson Plans, Teaching Methods, Spotting, Ballet Basics & Stretching Methods 

  • Requirements to obtain the Aerial Physique Level Two Teacher Certification: 

  • Attend Aerial Physique Level Two teacher training course 

  • Pass the Level Two written, aerial skills and teaching tests

  • Have valid CPR & First Aid Certifications (not part of the course, can be completed online)

Level three - Advanced (NOT available online)

  • Must have 4-6 years of aerial silk experience and pass our Level One & Level Two Courses to attend

  • Course Covers: Advanced Level Aerial Silk Curriculum, Advanced Sequencing & Choreography

  • Requirements to obtain the Aerial Physique Level Three Teacher Certification: 

  • Attend Aerial Physique Level Three teacher training course

  • Pass the Level Three written, aerial skills and teaching tests

  • Have valid CPR & First Aid Certifications (not part of the course, can be completed online)

Master Trainer - by invite only.

Must pass all three levels, have 10+ years of aerial experience and be personally invited by Jill Franklin.

  • ​An exclusive program for highly skilled Aerial Physique Teacher Training graduates who learn to lead teacher training programs (worldwide).  Meet our current Master Trainers. 

"I am extremely satisfied with the Aerial Physique Teacher Training program. It was amazing to spend class time with aerialists from all over the world. Because of this training, I am more intentional and aware when I teach. I feel a lot more confident with spotting safely (for me and for the student) and I feel more equipped to help beginner students with their trouble spots. I started using a lot of the structure and tools from the training immediately. I left the training feeling confident and inspired."

Sara - Owner of Cloud Nine Aerial Arts


Host Aerial Physique Teacher Training

A great way to excel in the skills & knowledge of your staff and eager to learn students. 



  • Minimum of 8 participants 

  • Aerial Physique assists with the promotion of the course offered in your city



Travel fee applies to cover transportation & accommodations - varies on location  


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Teacher Training?

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