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Online Teacher Training Terms

Thank you for your interest in Level One Teacher Training! 

Below are the terms for taking part in the course. 

1) Course Fee: Upon acceptance to the program, a single payment of $949 USD or 3 monthly payments of $329 USD is required to reserve your spot. Payment for the teacher training program is NON-REFUNDABLE or TRANSFERABLE. Failure to complete all 3 payments will result in the removal of course access. 

2) Course Access: You will gain full access to the online course starting March 22nd, 2024. Course access does not expire, refer back to it for years to come.

3) Certification Evaluation Fee: An additional $150 USD fee will apply to send in your final teaching and skills videos for review to obtain your Level One certification. You will have until December 1st, 2024. Video submissions received after Dec. 1st will incur a $25 USD late fee. 

4) Certification Guidelines: Aerialists will receive a Level One Certification from Aerial Physique Inc. upon passing all written, teaching, skills tests and providing a First Aid & CPR certificate (can be completed online). This certification is recognized by American Circus Educators and holds high standards for aerial safety and teaching etiquette.

If an aerialist does not pass the first time around, they will be given one year to submit a video or requested materials for a review fee of $50 USD.

It's imperative that attendees who receive an Aerial Physique certification follow and stay up to date on safety guidelines, techniques, protocols and teach from a place of integrity. For this reason, certifications are valid for two years with an option for renewal.

Becoming a certified aerial teacher requires time and dedication and we want you to make the most of it!
Upon confirmation of passing the course, aerialists can proudly announce they are Level One Certified by Aerial Physique on their website, resume and social media posts.

In addition, aerialists can use the @aerialphysique handle in their social media bio with the following options of wording (abbreviations are welcome):

  • Level One certified by @aerialphysique

  • Level 1 silks cert @aerialphysique 

  • L1 silks certified @aerialphysique

Being a teacher comes with responsibility and automatically puts you in a leadership role in the eyes of the aerial community. It's important that you present yourself, share and teach with the utmost attention to safety and respect for your students and peers.

To protect the integrity of aerial arts, you as an aerialist and Aerial Physique Inc., permission to use the @aerialphysique handle in your social media bio will be revoked in the event you post a video or photo of the following:

  • Teaching, practicing, or performing on apparatus rigged from a tree 

  • Teaching or practicing without a crash mat 

  • Content that implies bullying or hate towards an individual or group based on race, gender, or religious background.

5) Certification Renewals: Your Level One certification will expire two years from the date that's on your certificate unless you take part and pass Level Two before your Level One expiration date.

For example, if your certification date is November 15th, 2024, your renewal will be due on November 15th, 2026. If you attend and pass Level Two during the 2-year timeframe, your certification will automatically renew for another 2 years.

Aerialists will receive an email one month before their renewal date with a link to submit the following:

  • A quick questionnaire about your aerial practice and teaching 

  • A testimonial from a student or studio owner who has recently worked with you (a sample template will be provided) 

  • Video (1 minute or less) sharing your latest favorite silks skill! 

  • Current First Aid & CPR certificate 

  • $100 USD renewal fee 

Submissions will be reviewed by Jill Franklin or an AP master trainer. You'll be sent a certificate and letter with an updated 2-year expiration date upon approval. You can then continue to proudly display your certification status on your website and @aerialphysique handle in your bio.

6) Additional Terms 

  • Aerial Physique Inc. maintains specific criteria and codes of conduct, holds the exclusive first right of refusal, and/or has the authority to deny approval necessary for any individual applicant or group of applicant(s).

  • Duplication of the Aerial Physique Teacher Training course formula in any form, by any means, or intention is strictly prohibited. Aerial Physique Inc. holds inalienable rights 'of and to' all instructable course materials, visual or written. Any violation of structured Aerial Physique formulas is punishable to the maximum extent possible by law.

  • Attendees are not permitted to name or announce their classes, studio, or workshops, ‘Aerial Physique’ without written permission from Jill Franklin and a franchise fee.

  • Attendees are not permitted to share their course log-in information with other aerialists who are not enrolled in the program. Doing so will result in the removal of your opportunity for certification and a $1000 USD fine. We have cybersecurity monitoring course activity.

  • Certificates provided by Aerial Physique cannot be modified or copied. Doing so will result in legal action and the removal of your certification.

  •  By participating in the course and receiving your certification, you are not guaranteed a job teaching aerial. 

Renwal TT

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