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Teacher Training

Terms & Conditions.

  • Teacher Training tuition is non-refundable, NO EXCEPTIONS 


  •  Attendees will receive a Certificate of Completion from Aerial Physique Inc. upon completion of the following:
    -Attendance of all 30 in-class hours of training (20 hours if taken privately) 
    -Completion of in-class and homework assignments
    -Passing scores on the written, skills & teaching tests

       -CPR/First Aid Certification 


  • Attendees must be ages 18+.


  • In the event of an unforeseen circumstance that would prevent Jill Franklin to lead the course, an Aerial Physique Master Trainer will be appointed by Jill Franklin to lead the course on her behalf. 


  • Aerial Physique Inc. maintains specific criteria and codes of conduct and holds exclusive, first right of refusal and/or has authority to deny approval necessary for any individual applicant or group of applicant(s).


  • Duplication of the Aerial Physique Teacher Training course formula in any form, by any means, or intention, is strictly prohibited. Aerial Physique INC. holds inalienable rights 'of and to' all instruct-able course materials, visual or written. Any violation of structured Aerial Physique formulas is punishable to the maximum extent possible by law.


  • NO LEVELS can name/announce their classes, studio or workshops, ‘Aerial Physique’ without written permission from Jill Franklin and a franchise fee.


  • NO LEVELS can use the Aerial Physique logo or promotional materials without written permission from Jill Franklin.


  • Certificates provided by Aerial Physique cannot be modified or copied. Doing so will result in legal action and removal of your certification.


  • We are seeking excellence in our teacher training graduates and have high standards for a passing score. If you do not pass you will be given 12 months to practice your skills and submit a video to Jill Franklin for approval. The first video submission review is complimentary. Following that, if a passing score is not granted there is a $75 (usd) fee for all submissions thereafter. If you fail a maximum of (3) times, you must retake the course.

Aerial Physique Teacher training terms and conditions
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