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Five Catchers Pathways

As we know, many skills have an array of pathways that can get you to the same final destination. Some require more patience, practice and finesse than others. The term 'Catchers' is borrowed from trapeze terminology, where the catcher hooks and secures their knees above the trapeze bar to base the flyer.

On silks and rope, the most basic entry to Catchers is same side knee hook followed by a thigh wrap. While in some cases, this version of Catchers can be used to base others as it does in trapeze (typically an additional wrap & thigh squeeze is needed), it's a foundational skill that's commonly the start of more complex wraps.

See below for a video & breakdown of five Catchers pathways.

#1 Thigh Wrap Entry - Begin from a Same Side Knee Hook. Swim for the tail and bend your free knee toward your chest while wrapping the silk around your bottom thigh and over your foot.

#2 Toss Entry - Begin from a Same Side Knee Hook. Swim for the tail and toss it over your bottom leg by swiftly kicking your leg toward you and tossing simultaneously.

#3 - Flamenco Grip Entry - Begin from a Classic Climb. Flamenco grip same hand as the bottom foot. Pass shoulders and head through. Slide Flamenco grip hand down as you meet hands on the pole. Release the wrap on your foot as you keep the silk draped on your opposite inner thigh. Invert and hook your knee.

#4 Swivel Entry - Begin with the silk on your right side and swivel to the left, away from the silk. Bring your right hip up toward your right rib as you begin to swivel (side crunch). This will help place the tail over your bum, minimizing extra slack when you invert. Keep swiveling and scoop the tail up with your left leg. Invert and hook your right knee and bam, you're in Catchers!

#5 Beat Entry - Begin hanging with long arms. Beat forward, back, forward and as you beat back, rotate away from the silk (to the left if you want to end up with your right knee hooked). Complete a full rotation (imagining an ice skater rotating mid-air helps me) and scoop the silk up with your left leg using the technique of the Swivel Entry, invert and hook your right knee.

*Depending on what skill or wrap you're going into after the initial Catchers, you may opt to keep your bottom hand under your knee or take it off completely and cross your thighs.

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