Five Catchers Pathways

As we know, many skills have an array of pathways that can get you to the same final destination. Some require more patience, practice and finesse than others. ​ The term 'Catchers' is borrowed from trapeze terminology, where the catcher hooks and secures their knees above the trapeze bar to base the flyer.

On silks and rope, the most basic entry to Catchers is same side knee hook followed by a thigh wrap. While in some cases, this version of Catchers can be used to base others as it does in trapeze (typically an additional wrap & thigh squeeze is needed), it's a foundational skill that's commonly the start of more complex wraps.

See below for a video & breakdown of five Catchers pathways.

#1 Thigh Wrap Entry - Begin from a Same Side Knee Hook. Swim for the tail and bend your free knee toward your chest