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Technique Tip - Chair Spin Entry to Cross Back Straddle

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

It's technique tip time! This week I'm breaking down one of my favorite pathways into Cross Back Straddle, the Chair Spin Entry. Although it visually looks rather simple, many find themselves unable to complete the rotation successfully when first learning.

See below for a video breakdown & tips!

  1. Begin from double foot locks in a chair position - turn to face one side so the silk behind your back. Bring your back leg forward, bend the knee crossing it over your front leg.

  2. Grab the silk overhead with both hands, or place the silk in your right armpit and then grab [if the left leg is crossed over]. Placing it in the armpit eliminates having to move your arm after you turn.

  3. Rotate the direction of your bent top leg leading with your knee. Sit your hips back as you turn.

  4. Once you've completed your rotation, pull up slightly as you step your bent leg forward and straighten your legs.

  5. Open your legs into a straddle and invert into your Cross Back.

  6. To exit, retrace your path and grab the silk that is closest to your back to come out of the X.


#1 - The silk slips to the side when crossing your leg over. Focus on sitting the hips back into the silk to avoid this.

#2 - Turning the wrong way. If you turn the wrong way your feet will feel trapped. Turn outward toward your top leg.

#3 - Standing up and lengthening your legs when rotating. You won't be able to make the full rotation. You need to remain in a chair position as you turn. Continuously sit your hips back as you rotate (stick out the booty!).

#4 - Incorrect inversion technique - if legs are turned in and lifting to the front it makes the silk very tight on your back and nearly impossible to invert. Instead, turn out your legs from your hips in a wide straddle, tuck hips under, pull up and press the poles forward as you invert.

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