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Technique Tip: Same Side Inversion Climb

The Same Side Inversion Climb isn't just a climb - it provides a pathway to Thigh Hitch, which is the base for skills like Mermaid, Cupid, Thigh Hitch Split, and many more. Often perceived as a challenging "slippery climb," it may feel like you're on a treadmill, making minimal height progress.

In this technique tip, I'll break down the technique, highlighting the essential dos and don'ts so you can conquer this climb with more ease and efficiency. Let's do it!

1) Invert into a straddle with the silk to the side of your body and hook your same side knee. Aim to lift your hips up to avoid hooking on your hand. In addition, square off your hips and press your pinkie toe outward until your knee & ankle make a straight line. Open hips = slipping.

2) When starting to climb above your knee, lead with the same hand as the knee that is hooked (rt. knee hooked, lead rt. hand) and drive your free leg down behind you to help you sit up.

3) The hooked knee must remain in the same place as you pull up to climb above it. Actively squeeze your heel to your bum using your hamstrings.

4) After you've climbed above your knee, drive your wrapped leg down as you press your hips forward, passing through an upright position until the 'thigh hitch' rises as high as possible around your upper leg.

5) Scissor your legs & squeeze your upper thighs together as you key over to the side toward the pole.

6) Pass the tail behind your back using a 'backstroke' swimming motion with your upper arm, ensuring that it passes between your chest and the tail.

Common mistakes:

Mistake #1 - Not having a solid knee hook

Mistake #2 - Incorrect hand lead

Mistake #3 - Not driving free leg down behind you when climbing up

Mistake #4 - Not passing through an upright position before titling to the side

Mistake #5 - Incorrect arm pathway on the 'swimming' exit My challenge to you: incorporate this climb into a sequence tag @aerialphysique and #iloveap so I can cheer you on!

P.S. Are you interested in improving your inversions? Watch my FREE training with 5 exercises to help you invert with ease! Click here to check it out.


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