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Don't point your toes!

We've all heard the age-old cue to "point your toes," but there's a bit more to it than that.

To achieve proper foot positioning, it's essential to extend the ankle and let those toes follow, creating a lengthened line from ankle to toes. Only pointing the toes without proper ankle engagement can lead to not the most ideal foot position.

Let's show our feet a little love! A through warm-up and attention to our feet can help us achieve the foot position we need for stability, control, and overall performance quality. Even if not every skill or artistic style requires pointed feet, knowing how to do so correctly and effectively is important.

Improving foot positioning is a common goal among aerialists, and for good reason! While safety is always a top priority, having excellent foot positioning can enhance your movement quality and control in the air.

See the video breakdown below ...

Additional benefits of showing your feet some love!

  1. Improved stability and control: When your feet are pointed, the muscles in your feet and legs are engaged, which can improve proper alignment and body tension needed for certain skills.

  2. Better aesthetics: While only some skills or styles call for pointed feet, if your feet tend to be disengaged - it can create a sloppy or unrefined line, which can detract from the overall visual appeal of your movement quality. This can be especially important when performing professionally.

  3. Enhanced muscle engagement & movement patterns: Pointing [or flexing] your feet engages multiple muscle groups in your legs. By doing so, you're gaining the opportunity to strengthen the muscles essential for overall stability and control in the air.

Happy pointing [or flexing!] - whatever you choose, aim to make it intentional and clear!

For a more in-depth foot warm-up join me over on Aerial Physique TV! I've recently added new warm-ups that are easy to follow and can help elevate your aerial practice. Whether you're a beginner aerialist or a pro, these workouts are designed to help your aerial practice soar!


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