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Technique Tip - Knee Lock

Have you ever watched an aerialist confidently demonstrate a skill, thinking to yourself, I've got this!  But then, when you give it a go, you find yourself floundering around? 🙃

Well, we've all been there and that's a common experience with the Knee Lock! In this tip, I'll walk you through different ways to approach it and point out some common slip-ups. By the end, I aim for you to add the Knee Lock to your aerial repertoire and be ready for more!

Breaking Down the Knee Lock Skill:

Option 1: Start with long arms, pass your legs between the silks, and beat to the front, back, and front again. On the back beat, one leg passes behind both silks, scooping them up by bending the knee and slightly turning out the leg. The opposite leg swiftly intercepts the silks to the front. The lifting leg then moves up to the front, while the same side hand slides down on the silk pole to create space for bending the knee and placing the shin on the silk for the Knee Lock.

Option 2: Similar leg pathway as option one, but begin from a bent arm position without beating the legs front and back. This version might feel more approachable for some. Remember, your same side hand needs to slide down slightly and press the silk away to make room for your knee.

Option 3: Try the Secretary Entry from a Hip Key position. Pass your shoulders away from the tail, placing the silk in your armpit. Lift your top leg, grab under your knee, and press away with your opposing hand to create space for bending your knee and placing the Knee Lock.

Common Mistakes:

#1 - Flailing around unsure of the leg pathway. Don't worry if it takes a few tries to get it right!

#2 - Not sliding your hand down. Make sure your same side hand slides down and presses away to accommodate your knee.

#3 - Lock not high enough. Ensure the lock ends up around the shin and not just the knee cap to prevent slipping.

Once you've gotten the hang of Knee Lock, what's next? Explore an array of shapes and combos starting from Knee Lock on my app Aerial Physique TV. Start your free 3-day trial today and search for 'Knee Lock' for step-by-step tutorials.


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