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Technique Tip Tuesday - Four Technique No-Nos ❌

The word technique is defined as a skillful or efficient way of doing or achieving something. If you haven't noticed by now, clean technique is my jam!

I do my best to avoid any sloppy, haphazard, or unnecessary movements at all costs. Why? It looks better, you use up less energy, you're less prone to injury and you're working toward developing efficient muscle memory (which will make the super difficult skills look easy down the line). Since we're at the start of the year I thought I'd start at the beginning when it comes to aerial technique. Putting a skill-specific tip aside, these four habits can sneak into your technique and spoil all your skills if you let them! I call them the 4 No-Nos and they are ... ❌ Jumping Down ❌ Plopping Down ❌ Sliding Down ❌ Swinging

JUMPING DOWN- Even if you’re low to the floor get in the habit of wrapping your feet in a climb & stepping down with control. It may seem like a minor detail but it’s absolutely not. Injuries happen all the time from aerialists haphazardly jumping down to the mat (or the stage, eek!). PLOPPING DOWN - Plopping may be all you can muster at the end of your inversions. However, if you let yourself plop down not only are you cheating yourself out of gaining strength you're also developing a bad habit. If you plop down when you're higher in the air it may result in a fall & injuries. Aim to pull-up as much as you can, retrace your path & step down making as little noise as possible. SLIDING DOWN - Hello, silk burns! Sliding can cause burns on the hands, feet and anywhere else your skin is exposed. Of course, there are skills that do involve intentional sliding. I'm referring to those 'cat on the curtain' moments where it appears that you're clawing your way down the silk ! SWINGING - I get it, it's fun & may come in handy for choreography. However, many swing without realizing it. Doing so can result in you running into another student, no longer being under your mat & it looks sloppy. If this tip made you feel like I was watching you during practice try the Hang Time conditioning exercise at the end of the video (holding a bent arm position on the right, left and with split silks). It will help to improve your upper body and grip strength so you're not as prone to plopping or sliding. The rest of it can be fixed by being more aware and mindful!

With encouragement, Jill

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