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How to practice handstands on the wall

Want to make a minute last the longest it possibly can?

Try doing a straight arm hang on the silks or hold a handstand for 60 seconds!

Time is an interesting thing ... it speeds up and slows down based on what we're experiencing.

In this bonus tip, Jill's coach and pro hand-balancer Hayley Cabral breaks down how to safely and correctly hold straight handstand with the help of the wall.

In order to eventually be able to hold a free-standing handstand without the wall - you'll need to build up the stamina and correct alignment first. Practicing long holds on the wall helps tremendously!

When it comes to training whether that's in the air or on the floor - the perceived ‘boring stuff’ is often the most important. See below for a video breakdown and pointers.

Safety tips:

Make sure you've cleared your surroundings. Be cautious of furniture & pets. It's not advised to practice handstands on a mirror surface or window.

To begin:

Practice your hollow body handstand position on the floor. Lay on your back and extend legs up. Squeeze inner thighs and glutes together. Lift shoulders off the floor and reach arms by ears. Lower legs down as much as you can without letting your lower back leave the floor. Hold and breathe - starting goal 30 seconds.

Handstand on the Wall

Option 1 - Back to Wall

Begin with hands down shoulder distance apart a few inches away from the wall. Kick up and meet legs together. Bend one leg and squeeze knees together balancing with your toes. Draw abs in and ribcage together into hollow body (avoid arching) and gaze between hands.

While having your back facing the wall is a good place to start, it doesn't necessarily result in the optimal handstand position. Option 2, although more challenging, will serve you better in the long run.

Option 2 - Chest to Wall (better option)

With your back to the wall, squat down and touch the floor. Walk your feet up the wall and bring them together. Push up through your shoulders, pull ribcage in and squeeze legs together.

Progression: When you feel strong and stable enough, take a small step towards the wall by slowly transferring your weight to one side of your body and taking one step back with your free hand. Be mindful to keep your body squeezed and tight. Take steps until you can feel your chest on the wall.

You want to aim for a hollow body shape - chest is on the wall and your abs are pulling in away from the wall. The tops of your thighs and feet are also touching the wall.

Goal: Hold for 60 seconds eventually working up to a 2 minute hold. Aim to breathe through your nose. Oftentimes our mind wants to give up before our body. Keep your mind occupied by signing a song, counting, or reciting the alphabet backwards!

To exit:

Take your time to walk your hands forward away from the wall before walking your legs down. When taking steps toward or away from the wall keep your shoulders pressing up, engage your core and keep your eyes focused between your hands. Remember, slow and steady is key, if you move too quickly it's possible you'll lose control and fall.

Alternative entry/exit:

If you feel comfortable with cartwheels you can place your hands down a few inches forward of the wall and at cartwheel your way up and down.

There you have it! Regularly practicing your long holds on the wall can do wonders for your handstand training!

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