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How your zodiac sign affects your aerial practice ...

by Nafeesa Islam

We’ve reached mid-month! Part of tackling goals and living up to new years resolutions is understanding yourself and working with your personal tendencies. There are many ways to understand yourself, whether it’s through journaling, therapy, meditation, Myers Briggs, archetype systems like the Enneagram...the list goes on. We at the Aerial Physique studio LOVE to talk about Astrology and the zodiac signs! We know--that’s SO Los Angeles ;)

Aerial Physique instructor and in-house astrology expert Nafessa Islam had a blast creating this aerial astrology guide for you.

Check your sun sign below for a deep dive into your personal tendencies and for sign-specific suggestions to help you reach your aerial goals!

Capricorn (approximately December 22-January 19) Happy birthday season, Capricorn! Hard-working, goal-oriented, and practical, it is no coincidence that Capricorn season falls during the most driven month of the year. Goal setting in January? You set and crush goals year-round! Symbolized by the mountain goat, you slowly but surely climb the mountain (or apparatus) to reach success and new (rigging) heights! You are disciplined and ambitious and never skip conditioning. You come to open workouts with a plan and you follow it. You know how to do things and get things done, and are not afraid of taking the long road.

Aerial suggestion for Capricorn: You know how to achieve goals and have the tenacity to do so. You like having systems and following them. Depending on your personal aerial goal, consider joining a program (like Aerial Physique TV) either online, from a book, or in person where you can track your progress towards that goal in measurable steps. It’ll feel great to see your progress and check items off a list. Keep climbing!

Aquarius (approximately January 20-February 18) Unique, independent, and inventive, you are the odd-ball of the bunch. You are unwilling to follow the beaten path. You are the one wearing the hot dog costume in a studio full of Lululemon. As an aerialist, you enjoy exploring new ways of moving. Forget copying the instructors’ perfect, ballet-inspired technique--you’re all about the flexed feet and avant-garde movement. In the aerial studio, you inspire others not to follow the crowd and to be true to themselves.

Aerial suggestion for Aquarius: Make sure you have a good handle on basic aerial skills (like inversion climbs and windmills) so that you can do them safely and confidently. Once those are solid, try dance classes or martial arts to learn new ways of movement to incorporate into your aerial practice. Some ideas include tai chi, modern dance, jiu jitsu, twerking, and belly dancing. Be you!

Pisces (approximately February 19-March 20) Intuitive, dreamy, and artistic, you go with the flow and are able to identify with people from all walks of life. You have an open mind and tremendous understanding. You are endlessly insightful and creative, so you are the most successful when you are given a chance to express yourself. You’re a delight in aerial classes because you encourage others from a place of authenticity and empathy. Setting stringent goals may not be for you as you tend to feel your way through life rather than follow a plan. Instead, your planner might be filled with emotions that you want to embody instead of tangible goals that you want to achieve.

Aerial suggestion for Pisces: Make it a goal this year to create an artistic piece that is all your own. Pick a song that makes you feel really good and start imagining what kinds of moves the song evokes in you. As you take your aerial classes, write down or take videos of the skills that you want to incorporate into your piece. Don’t forget to sign up for a student showcase or other platform where you can share your work!

Aries (approximately March 21-April 19) Assertive, energetic, and independent, you are eager to smash your goals and smash them NOW! Symbolized by the ram and the Ancient Greek and Roman god of war, you approach life head-on with no frills or excuses. As the first sign of the Zodiac, you are the initiator and enjoy a challenge. You are always down to be the first to try that new scary drop. You are great at being in the moment, but can fall prey to impatience.

Aerial suggestions for Aries: You may have big goals that cannot be achieved today, or even tomorrow. To keep the feeling of satisfaction alive, break up your big goals into smaller, more easily smashable goals that you can check off. That way, you will have that sense of accomplishment every day. Download this guide to creating specific, actionable promises to achieve your large goals that cannot be reached right away. If anyone can do it, you can!

Taurus (approximately April 20-May 20) Dependable, stable, and persevering, you are a stubborn creature of habit. You are also generally calm and peaceful unless angered. Symbolized by the bull, you are strong and tenacious, and can be “bull-headed” when you have a goal in mind. When you have a routine you stick to it, and it is extremely hard to get you to change course! At the same time, you are sensual and love comfort and relaxation. You’re the strong aerialist practicing intense corde lisse tricks while cuddled up in soft leg warmers and fuzzy fabrics, and talking about the Japanese ramen or cupcake shop you’re going to right after class!

Aerial suggestions for Taurus: Turn your goals into habits. If there is an aerial goal that you want to achieve, make it a daily habit that you can incorporate into your other habits. For instance, if your goal is to attend class more often, sign up for a class at a studio that is on your way from work to home, making it easy to get there. Sign up ahead of ahead of time so that you are locked in to participating. Or, if your goal is to get rid of that pesky micro-bend, add one or two new micro-bend exercises to your warm-up routine. Once on a path, you stick to it!

Gemini (approximately May 21 to June 20)

Versatile, inquisitive and sociable, you like to explore and communicate. Symbolized by twins, you are adaptable and love the exchange of ideas. The desire to express yourself is strong, and you get bored and restless if you are not mentally stimulated. You always have new ideas and keep things interesting. You’re often the one sharing new exciting facts or fun celebrity gossip during group warm-up, and you love learning and coming up with new pathways on your apparatus.

Aerial suggestion for Gemini: Try something new and share it with others! Have you been doing silks for a while? Try a new apparatus like aerial cube! Or, try a whole new type of aerial class like a burlesque or a hair-ography class. Now that aerial is becoming more popular, there are more options to choose from. Are you traveling? Make it a point to check out a studio wherever you’re going and bring home new skills to share. Variety is truly the spice of your life!

Cancer (approximately June 21-July 22)

Nurturing, creative, and dependable, you are protective of yourself and those you care about. Symbolized by the crab, you have a strong survival instinct. You do not appreciate bluntness, and avoid direct confrontation. Like a crab, you can retreat into yourself when hurt, and are resistant to change. You will go to the ends of the earth to help those you love. However, you spend so much time caring about other people that you sometimes neglect yourself! You like having a schedule and a plan to keep anxiety, uncertainty, and worry at bay.

Aerial suggestion for Cancer: Consistency and reliability are your keys to success. If you can anticipate what is coming next, you feel your best and can really shine. Schedule classes ahead of time with the same teachers or join a program to help you reach your goals. There is great comfort in routine!

Leo (approximately July 23-August 22)

Magnanimous, generous, and hospitable, you are a natural leader who loves having a good time. Symbolized by the lion, you are the ruler of the zodiac--and for good reason! You love being the center of attention and the ruler of your universe. However, don’t mistake this for being conceited--you are motivated by your love of people. Your big dreams and plans are to make the world a better place, and you are the person to do it! Your goals are ambitious, and you work at them with intensity and determination. In aerial classes the spotlight is on you: your personality is sparkly, your banter and stories are hilarious, and you are very generous with your compliments.

Aerial suggestion for Leo: Don your sparkly gold outfits, blow out your mane, grab your phone, and start filming your progress and routines! You love to share your joy, so download this guide to create insta-worthy videos so that others can be inspired by your accomplishments. Let your light shine!

Virgo (approximately August 23-September 22)

Intelligent and analytical, you are respectable and hard-working with a strong sense of responsibility towards helping others. As the mother of the zodiac, you are uncomfortable with the spotlight and are ok with working behind the scenes as long as you feel useful and appreciated. When you do something, you want to do it well. As an aerialist, you are detail-oriented. You work hard to master the basics before moving on to the flashier skills. You are often the last one to move on to the next class level because you want to attain perfection.

Aerial suggestion for Virgo: Set parameters around your quest for perfection. Though everyone can always improve on skills, you will never be “done” perfecting your inversions or your windmills. Maybe join a program (like the Inversion Method) with a set end-date so that you can mark a definitive end of an aspect of your training. It’s time to get to the fun stuff!

Libra (approximately September 23-October 22)

Intellectual and artistic, you are a peace-loving soul. Symbolized by the balance scale, you strive to maintain peace and balance in your life. People naturally want to be around you because you make them feel comfortable and happy! However, your diplomacy can sometimes make you indecisive and overly accommodating. You sometimes ignore what you want in favor of making other people happy--all in the name of keeping the peace. You have a vast imagination, but may have trouble following through with big plans or goals. Ruled by Venus (the planet of beauty), aesthetics and beauty are important to you. In aerial classes you might be the one who loves making pretty shapes, theorizing about wraps and pathways, and getting the camera angles just right.

Aerial suggestion for Libra: Schedule time for improvisation, either at the end of class or at an open workout. Put on some music and your favorite outfit and create! Combine your aerial skills, natural artistry, and open aura. Let yourself go with the flow and see where that takes you. As an air sign, you were born to fly!

Scorpio (approximately October 23-November 21)

Intense, determined, and focused, you throw yourself into whatever you do, but only once you are fully committed. You are extremely secretive and perceptive, and can use your intuition to manipulate others’ perception of you. You do not shy away from the shadows of life. Instead, you accept darkness as a natural part of existence. In aerial, you’re likely to be wearing dark colors and skeleton leggings. Maybe you were initially drawn to aerial because of the witchy, circus-y, Halloween vibes. Scorpio is symbolized by 3 animals: the scorpion, the eagle, and the phoenix. The highest evolvement of Scorpio is the phoenix, which represents the attaining the ability to let go and transform.

Aerial suggestion for Scorpio: To reach your aerial goals, get out of your secretive comfort zone and make your goals known! Announce them to your class, post about them, or sign up for a program or challenge that makes you display results. With the added pressure of exposure, you will be even more determined not to fail. Let go of your secrecy so that you can transform and evolve!

Sagittarius (approximately November 22-December 21)

Direct and honest yet cheerful and friendly, you have a love of freedom and disdain for routine. Symbolized by the archer, you seek truth and higher purpose. Energetic and easy-going, you are fun and exciting to be around! While you have a quick temper, you are also quick to forget what made you angry in the first place. You are very adventurous, competitive, and love trying new things. You were drawn to aerial because you love to explore and constantly learn. Though you may have big expansive goals, planning, schedules, and details are tedious to you.

Aerial suggestion for Sagittarius: Make your goals competitive and fun. Sign-up for a competition, program, or challenge so that you can compete against yourself and others. Or, simply re frame your goals as a game. Is your goal to climb to the top of the silks without using your legs? Challenge yourself to get one foot higher every time you try. You are naturally competitive, so making it fun will motivate you to stick to your goals. Get out there and win!

In astrology, your month and date of birth will tell you your sun sign, but there are more planets and aspects that work together to create your personality! If interested, input your information into a natal chart calculator and see where your other planets lie.

Feel free to share this with a friend who would find it insightful!


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