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Technique Tip - 'Lemon Drops'

In the spotlight this week is 'Lemon Drops' and I'm not talkin' about the adult beverage or candy 😉. Wait what .. you've got me confused Jill .. what do lemons have to do with drops? Ha, I'll tell ya! Your neck placement.

For many when they drop their neck placement is last on the list in terms of thought, there are so many other things to think about! The consequences of not being mindful of your neck alignment can lead to whiplash, cervical disc issues and neck injuries. Eeek! 🍋 Ok now back to what lemons have to do with all of this.

When you're dropping whether that's forward, side, or back in order to protect your neck from potential long-term damage you'll want to lower your chin slightly down toward your chest to keep the back of your neck long. The imagery of holding a lemon under your chin during drops can be helpful in order to achieve this. And yes, I gave it a try for real and it's possible! LOL

See the video breakdown below and my lemon drop attempts!

Some aerialists like to add 'hairography' into their drops and whip their hair around especially during the landing. Others go for drama and their head and neck tend to get thrashed around in the process. And some don't have the body awareness just yet to control where their body is going which can equal floppiness in the limbs and yes the neck too! My suggestion, when you initiate the drop exhale to avoid clenching your jaw ( I'm a jaw clencher & exhaling helps) and when you end the drop make sure you land before adding your special style, drama or hairography. When our chin lifts up the back of our neck shortens which typically causes a trickle effect and can result in an arched back, the ribcage not drawing down toward the hips and there goes core connection too! Here's the thing about drops, they generate a lot of dynamic force especially at the end of the drop. Sometimes that force being 3-5x or more your body weight! All of that force AND throwing your head back simultaneously is a recipe for whiplash or eventual disc injury. Now you don't actually have to practice drops with a lemon under your chin and for some holding an actual lemon may equal dropping your chin a bit too low. My hope is this lemon visual is used as a reminder and saves your neck from possible pain or injury down the road. 🍋When life gives you lemons - use them in your drops! haha

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