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Technique Tip - Slippery knee hooks?

How do you feel about your knee climbs? Or your knee hooks? Do you find yourself slipping?

While slippery leggings can make hooking your knees on the silks a bit more challenging, the first thing to blame is often technique.

In this technique tip, I'll be breaking down common causes along with easy solutions so you can say goodbye to slippy knee hooks for good!

See below for a video breakdown and tips.

Mistake #1 - Your hips are too low when you invert. This results in a knee hook that is also too low which causes your knee to hook on top of or too close to your hands. When this happens you're not in a secure position, it feels precarious and you'll likely slip down. Working on a strong inversion with hips lifted high is imperative.

Mistake #2 - Your hooked knee leg is turned out. This mistake is subtle but vital! When hooking your knee you want to aim for a straight line from knee to ankle. If your ankle is too far inward you won't have a strong grasp. Once you hook square hips to point upward, align knee and ankle. Press baby toe outward slightly and squeeze your heel to your bum to activate your hamstrings for a solid hook.


  • Mark it on the mat. Place the silk in one armpit and behind your back. Lay on the mat and hook your knee. Align your knee and ankle. Squeeze your heel to your bum 10x focusing on your hamstring engagement. Hold the squeeze for 10 counts, switch sides.

  • Practice your knee hooks with the support of the hammock knot. Focus on your knee placement and a solid hook.

  • Once the hammock knot hooks feel good then move on to practicing the same hooks without the knot. Focus on hips up throughout to avoid hooking your knee too close to your hands and your knee to ankle alignment.

With a few technique-focused practice sessions I'm confident you'll be well on your way to having slippery knee hooks a thing of the past!

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