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Technique Tip - Star Split

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

With the holiday season in full swing, I thought I'd break down a rather festive-looking skill for you. Some call it Star Split or Eiffel Tower, I've found it also resembles a tree topper!

While the setup of the skill requires a ton of wrapping, the payoff is definitely photo-worthy!

See below for a video and step by step breakdown.

Step 1) Make sure the silks aren't twisted. Begin from double foot locks at least 2 climbs up so you have enough tail to work with.

Step 2) Squat down between the silks so the poles are on the outside of your legs (if this bothers your knees you can squat with the silks between your legs).

Step 3) Lean to the side reaching down for one tail. Slide your hand down to create slack.

Step 4) Pass the silk over your lap, switch hands to pass it over your opposite shoulder. Switch hands again as you reach behind & place it between your knees. Do the same with the other tail. Lap, shoulder, behind back & between knees.

Step 5) Pass your hands underneath the silks that are over your shoulders to grab the poles. Pull up allowing the silks to fall off your shoulders, straight legs outward and lower into a split. TADA! You're in your Star Split!

Step 6) To exit, pull up, meet legs together and all your wraps will fall off! A very simple & satisfying exit!

*Option to add a spin! Prior to step 5 lean to the side, gather the tails in one hand and spin. Once you have a nice spin happening, then pass your hands under. When you lower into split your spin will slow down and when you exit it'll speed up again. Common Mistakes #1 - Not untangling the silks prior to climbing up. It makes the wrapping tricky & awkward! #2 - Not passing your hands under the silks that are over your shoulders prior to splitting. You'll find out really quickly if you made this mistake, you feel trapped! Give it go, take a photo or video in your lovely Star Split and tag @aerialphysique! Happy Holidays!


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