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Technique Tip: Straddle to Candlestick

This week, I'm sharing one of my all-time favorite exercises, a staple in nearly every real-life class I teach. At first glance, the Straddle to Candlestick may seem deceptively simple, but nailing it requires finesse and precision.

This exercise, designed to enhance your inversions and elevate that crucial hip lift at the top of your inversion, holds the key to sustaining a strong inversion. If your hips are too low, it's difficult to sustain the inversion for very long and can result in hooking your knee on your hands if your following skill calls for that.

Check out the detailed breakdown in the video below!

Straddle to Candlestick step-by-step:

  1. Begin from an inversion between the silks (optional wrist locks for support). Widen your collar bones as you gently draw your shoulder blades together for an active upper back.

  2. Actively press your forearms toward your inner thighs as you meet your legs together between the poles, the goal is not to touch your feet or legs on the poles at all.

  3. Turn out your legs from your hips as you open your legs and return to straddle.

  4. Aim to keep your hips stacked above your ribcage throughout and try to avoid 'plopping' down.

  5. Repeat 5-10x in a row.

😀This exercise is excellent for improving both your bent arm and straight arm inversions.

Is conquering straight-arm inversions a goal on your wishlist? While inverting with straight arms can appear like it shouldn’t be that big of a deal, for most of us, it’s tremendously difficult!

When your arms are straight, you have further to go to get over, calling for increased shoulder and grip strength compared to bent arm inversions. Keeping those arms truly straight can be daunting, not to mention lifting your hips all the way up with legs straight – a lot to manage!​If improving this skill is on your year-end agenda, 2024 is your year! The Straight-Arm Inversion Mini-Course has got your back!

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🎁 Interested? Act now—the sale doors close on Wednesday, Dec 20th at 6 pm PST. Click here for all the details and begin your straight-arm journey with confidence!


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