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Technique Tip Tuesday - Salto Double Star

The Salto Double Star aka Shooting Star can be a challenging drop to control due to the change of direction mid-way through. 'Salto' is a gymnastics term describing a forward flip or roll.

Make sure you have a solid Double Star and understand the mechanics of piking forward prior to practicing this drop. Keep reading and watch the video below for insider tips!

1) The setup for Salto Double Star includes the following: S-Wrap, thigh wrap & belly wrap (double star wrap). Place tail in the bottom armpit, climb above your knee and pass shoulders to the front.

2) Once you're in your wrap, take the tail off your shoulder, hold it in your free hand and reach your arm forward. Legs are tight and active in a wide straddle behind you.

Now here comes the daunting part... the drop!

3) Top hand releases the pole and immediately grabs the tail next to your opposing hand. Simultaneously pike forward ('Pike' is a gymnastics term meaning the body is bent forward at the waist with the legs kept straight).

4) Following the pike, reach arms overhead and open into a star position. Thinking about resisting the direction that the drop is taking you can help with the control factor. Easier said than done, I know!

Common Mistakes:

#1 - Not Piking - It makes the drop happen very fast & it's extremely challenging to control the change of direction from dropping forward to side.

The hammock knot pike drill can help!

#2 - Not reaching arm far enough forward in step 2 - This can result in the arms bending into your chest & possibly the tail going wild on the way down

#3 - Not opening up to a solid star shape after the salto. You MUST have the body awareness to open to the star. Not doing so can result in injury

#4 - Not meeting both hands on the tail - this can result in your free arm getting 'lost in space' which can cause you to try to stop yourself instinctively midway down

We'd love to see your progress! Tag us on the 'gram @aerialphysique & #iloveap.


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