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Technique Tip Tuesday: Superhero!

Today’s Technique Tip Tuesday is Superhero. This is originally an aerial straps skill that begins with wrist locks. It's a dynamic movement from a side arch to a floating superhero!

Begin by reviewing a Side Arch, or “Banana.” In your wrist locks, invert in between the fabrics and lengthen your body in between the two poles. Twist your hips towards one pole and begin to split your legs with the opposite pole. Lower your legs as much as your lower back allows. This is the first shape to get into your Superhero.

Are you unsure of how to get into wrist locks or the side arch? We have tutorials for both on our Aerial Physique TV app!

Once in your banana, extend the front arm away from your body as far as you can. Keep the arm straight as your chest raises and your legs lower. This will create momentum to flip your body forward into your Superhero.

Flip your hips towards the other hand and press the front arm down as your chest raises.

If you fail to lift your chest up or attempt with a bent arm, you won’t benefit from any momentum and you will be forced to “muscle” it up. While possible, it makes it much harder!

As an option, add a meathook at the very end.

Make sure your head avoids the tail as you flip up to avoid looking like a ghost!


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