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Technique Tip Tuesday - Wrist Locks

Wrist Locks help to support your grip when you're new to aerial, have had time off, you're working on training conditioning skills, or you're teaching numerous classes in a day and want to save your grip when demonstrating certain skills. They're also commonly used in straps and in flying acts.

See below for a video breakdown and tips!

While circling twice can always be an option, wrist locks offer an extra level of support. Keep in mind while they are a great tool, you don't want to over-use them to the point they become a crutch. Working conditioning without them is also important, train wisely! Option #1 - Straps lock Hug one silk & use your opposite hand to flip it over your wrist. Turn your wrist so your palm faces toward the silk & grab. Tails should end up on the pinkie finger side of your hand. (Hug, flip, turn palm & grab) Option #2 - Figure 8 Lock Hug silk & circle wrist upward. Use the opposite hand to pass tail over the top to create the lock. Turn palm toward silk giving it a 'high five' and grab. (Hug, circle upward, pass tail over & grab). To wrap the 2nd side on both versions, grab the free silk low, next to the outside of your thigh and pass it to meet your already 'locked' hand to create a loop of slack. Then proceed with wrapping your opposite hand. As you'll see in the video the Figure 8 lock is the more secure option. While both support your grip the option you choose comes down to personal preference and what you're using the locks for. Common Mistakes #1 - Wrapping with twisted silk, hurts more! The flatter this silk is around your wrist the more comfortable supportive it is. Twisted fabric hurts!

#2 - Not turning your wrist before you grab. In both versions, you'll need to rotate your wrist and 'high five' the silk with your palm facing toward it prior to grabbing.

#3 - Uneven Locks - make sure to give yourself enough slack to create your 2nd lock. Ideally, you want your locks to end up around eye level.

There you have it! If wrist locks are new to you they can be directionally confusing when you're first learning them. We'd recommend getting the hang of one version before trying the other! Share this post with a friend who'd find it helpful!


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