Technique Tip Tuesday - Wrist Locks

Wrist Locks help to support your grip when you're new to aerial, have had time off, you're working on training conditioning skills, or you're teaching numerous classes in a day and want to save your grip when demonstrating certain skills. They're also commonly used in straps and in flying acts.

See below for a video breakdown and tips!

While circling twice can always be an option, wrist locks offer an extra level of support. Keep in mind while they are a great tool, you don't want to over-use them to the point they become a crutch. Working conditioning without them is also important, train wisely! Option #1 - Straps lock Hug one silk & use your opposite hand to flip it over your wrist. Turn your wrist so your palm faces toward the silk & grab. Tails should end up on the pinkie finger side of your hand. (Hug, flip, turn palm & grab) Option #2 - Figure 8 Lock Hug silk & circle wrist upward. Use the opposite hand to pass tail over the top to create the lock. Turn palm toward silk giving it a 'high five' and grab. (Hug, circle upward, pass tail over & grab). To wrap