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Technique Tip: Hands-Free S-Wrap [Advanced]

I'm excited to share an advanced method for getting into an S-Wrap called the Hands-Free Entry. Don't worry if you're not advanced yet—I have progressions to help you get there!

An S-Wrap is a wrap around your waist. If the tail is passed to the front, it sets you up for a Windmill (aka Wheel Down). If the tail is passed behind you, it sets you up for the start of a Double Star wrap (tail would pass behind the back, wrap free leg and tummy from front to back).

There are many ways to get into an S-Wrap, but this one offers a fun challenge and it's a unique 'journey skill.' Check out the full video breakdown and tips below.

Preparation: Make sure you've warmed up with Meathooks (aka Windshield Wipers) and feel solid with silks together without any wrist wraps. You'll pass through this position during your hands-free S-Wrap.

Base Wrap: Start from Catchers (same side knee hook into thigh wrap) or try the swivel pathway shown in the video for a more hands-free challenge.

Progression 1 - Hands-On: After your catchers, place both hands under your hooked knee. Unhook as you key over to the side, passing through the Meathook position. Open your legs to pass the tail to the front. Lean back, straddle your legs, and hook your knee.

Progression 2 - Single Hand: Follow the same steps as above, but this time, use the same-side hand as the hooked knee to hold on while you move through the pathway with your legs.

Progression 3 - Hands-Free: After your catchers, scissor the free leg behind the hooked knee for stability. Keep your head lower than your bum as you unhook your knee. Scissor your legs to the side, keying toward the pole of the silk. Squeeze your inner thighs together to prevent sliding. Quickly open your legs to allow the tail to pass to the front. Lean back, straddle, and re-hook your knee!

While I encourage you to practice this low initially - keep in mind that the lower you are on the silk, the more slippery this may feel due to less tension. The higher up you are, the more tension there is. This is a 'journey skill' and will likely take time to achieve. Be patient, work on the progressions and always practice with a crash mat.

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