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Hand Placement in Windmills

You can have all the strength and mobility necessary but if you're unsure what to do with your hands your Windmills will feel like a chore!

Windmills are known to cause ripped shirts, stuck thumbs and quite uncomfortable tummy-crushing moments. The better you are with your hand placement, the less these scenarios happen!

Instead of doing the hope & flail (get up there, wing it, hope for the best and end up flailing around) it's better to have a clear understanding of where exactly your hands should and shouldn't go.

See below for a video breakdown.

When rotating your hands shouldn't be reaching behind you, grabbing the tail with your thumbs, or stopping your rotation altogether. Instead, you want to rotate within the S-Wrap by sliding and tapping your hands from hip to hip using your palms.

I call it the 'SLIDE & TAP.' If you began from an S-Wrap that results in your right knee being hooked and left shoulder closer to the floor your right hand is the 'slider' and your left hand is the 'tapper' (vice-versa). Essentially what happens is your right hand slides down the tail to initiate the rotation, your left hand lifts up to continue the rotation. The moment you begin to face upward your left hands 'taps' down to the outside of your S-wrap in order to continue the next rotation. If you tap your hand down too soon (in front of the s-wrap knot) or reach behind you to grab, you'll stop your rotation ... which is typically when the tummy-crushing moments typically happen! You have to be patient and wait for the S-Wrap knot to arrive near your top hip and begin to face upward BEFORE placing your 'tapping' hand down. I'd recommend practicing the 'slide & tap' standing and in a straddle on the floor (shown in the video) so your hands get the hang of what they should be doing. It'll take some practice and likely a few uncomfortable attempts but I'm confident the 'slide & tap' will help you to rotate with much more ease! Now for the rest of it - actually holding your legs in a wide straddle while you rotate ... That's where The Windmill Method comes in! Included are at-home workouts and aerial conditioning lessons to train your 'windmilling' muscles to engage right when you need them. This course is your roadmap to YOUR BEST Windmill!

Enrollment in The Windmill Method opens May 19th at 8am PST. Included are at-home workouts, lessons in technique, s-wrap entries, solutions for the 8 windmill types and fun bonus skills. Tune in from anywhere in the world on your own time.

Whether you're an aerial student who has always felt defeated by Windmills, an aerial teacher who wants to help your students, or a pro who wants to refine your technique, this course is for you.

Set your clock for May 19th at 8 am PST and click here to grab your spot. Plus, be one of the first 20 aerialists to join and save $20 USD off the course with code WINDMILL20! Enrollment in this online course closes Thursday, May 27th at 8pm PST. >>> Grab your spot here

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