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⭐Ornament Pose

I'm sharing one of my favorite festive-looking shapes that I call the Ornament Pose. The zig-zag of the silk reminds me of a magical figurine that could hang nicely on a Christmas tree.

Place a foot lock on, circle the silk around your body, pull into a split and bam, it creates this!

Well, there are a few more steps than that but it's relativity simple to get into.

See the video & step-by-step breakdown below.

Step 1: Begin with a foot lock on one silk.

Step 2: Pass the free silk to the same side as your locked foot.

Step 3: Reach same hand as locked foot up high on the pole. Use your opposite hand to pull the free silk behind the pole and across your lap.

Step 4: Continue to pull until there's a couple of feet (half meter) of slack.

Step 5: Toss the silk behind you so it circles completely around (this may take a few tries!).

Step 6: Allow the loop to intersect and cross in front of the pole.

Step 7: Crochet your same hand as locked foot up high on the silk that's looped around you.

Step 8: Grab your heel and pull outward into a split (or bend your knee and extend your arm out for a non-split option).

Step 9: To exit, release your foot and turn back toward the silk, I cross my leg over for a nice moment, then stand and unwind the silk around you.

There you have it! Give it a try and tag me on the 'gram @aerialphysique & #iloveap.

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