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Splitty Shape! Reverse Thread Pull-Split

Splits in the air are known crowd pleasers. In this week's tip, we're breaking down one of my absolute favorite split shapes: the Reverse Thread Pull Split. 💫

This move does require some shoulder mobility and stretchy hamstrings, so be sure to warm up those areas before giving it a try. See below for a video breakdown & tips:


1. If you want a right split, begin with the silk on your right and hook your left knee.

2. Swim behind you to to grab the tail with the same hand as your hooked knee.

3. Pass the tail over your lap like a seatbelt, pike your free leg forward and toss the silk around it from outside in. Swap your knee hook.

4. Wrap the tail around your foot's arch, from the big toe to the baby toe side. Walk down the tail and give yourself an optional spin. 🌪️

5. Extend your hooked knee, sit up, and reach for your foot's arch (or your ankle or calf if you can). Now, stretch both legs into your lovely split!

✨ When it's time to exit:

6. Unhook your knee and reach above it with both hands. If your right knee is hooked, use your left hand to guide the tail around your hooked knee's foot, starting from the baby toe side.

7. Place the tail over your shoulder, Place the tail in your shoulder, key over and drop the tail off behind you and swim to fully exit the wrap.

P.S. While this move looks lovely, be prepared for a very snug feeling around your stomach. An important FYI 🙊

🚫 Common Mistakes to Watch Out For:

  • Make sure you're confident with the opposite knee hook, swim behind, click here for a tip solely on that!

  • Don't forget to switch your knee hook within the wrap. It's an important detail!

  • The exit can be a bit finicky, make sure to practice low so you understand the pathway

Ready to give it a go? Try the Reverse Thread Pull Split and share your progress! Tag @aerialphysique and #iloveap on Instagram! 📸💃


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