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Technique Tip - Marionette Climb

What do you get when you mix silks with puppetry?

The Marionette Climb!

While this climb isn't the most efficient of them all (it takes quite a few of them to get you to the top) it's amusing to watch as it closely resembles a puppet on a string.

Prior to giving Marionette a try, I'd recommend warming up your side body by doing the standing bend & reach as shown in the video. In addition, an ankle warm-up that includes pointing your feet.

Step 1 - Begin standing on the mat between the silks. Bend one knee up to 90 degrees. Slide your hand down the silk and wrap your foot from the outside in (baby toe to big toe). Extend your ankle and point your foot pressing the front of your ankle into the pole of the silk.

Step 2 - Step up on your wrapped foot. Reach your same hand to foot up high as you grab for stability.

Step 3 - Slide your opposite hand down the free silk, bend your knee to 90 degrees and wrap your foot from the outside in. Extend ankle, point foot and stand up.

Step 4 - Release the wrap of your opposing foot by bending your knee and driving your heel back. Continue to climb alternating sides.

Common Mistakes

#1 - Not pointing the foot enough when standing up. Aim to extend your ankle and press it into the pole of the silk. If your foot flexes or your ankle drops too far back you'll slide right down.

#2 - Not reaching supporting hand high. After you place the wrap on your foot, reach your hand up as high as you can on the same side. If your hand is too low it won't be as stable and it's much more challenging to gain height.

P.S. The climb can also be done by wrapping your feet from the inside out instead of the outside in (as you would for a single foot lock). Either option is doable but I've found the outside in option feels slightly more secure. Go with what feels best to you!

I'd be delighted to see your Marionette in action!

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