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Technique Tip - Teardrop Climb

In the technique tip spotlight this week is Teardrop Climb.

It's in the same skill family as Double Knee Climb with a couple of added steps at the end. In case you missed it, last week I broke down Double Knee Climb, click here to check it out.

The Teardrop allows for many beautiful 'shape-ortunities' as we call them in classes at Aerial Physique and it's a very efficient climb as it results in gaining quite a lot of height in just one climb up!

See below for a video breakdown and tips!

1) Begin from a pike between the fabrics. Hook your knees on one side of the silks. When hooking be sure to hook your knees one at a time above your hands while carefully placing the fabric in the back of your 'knee pit'. If you hook both knees simultaneously be prepared to slip!

2) Squeeze your heels toward your bum as you sit your hips back, you should be able to comfortably release one hand at a time to climb up the free fabric. If you're sliding check your knee placement and really sit your booty back. 3) If you hooked your knees on the right side, for example, reach your right hand to the free fabric above your left hand. Climb your left above your right and lastly release your right hand and grab the tail with your thumb pointing down. Place the tail and pole together, this is what creates the teardrop loop. 4) Continue to hold firmly with both hands as you carefully move both feet into the teardrop loop. One foot assists the other to place the fabric in the arch of your foot. The free foot comes out of the loop. Extend your free leg behind you creating a nice line.

*Technique variation - You can place either foot inside the loop. One creates more of an open line and the other more closed. Either options works!

5) Keep the silk in the arch of your foot as you pull-up. Simultaneously cross your legs in a perch position & sit on your heel.

6) Reach your arms up high and straighten your legs underneath you. The silk will naturally fall. Repeat!

Mistake #1 - Hooking both knees at the same time in the beginning. Refer to last week's Double Knee Climb tip for pointers.

Mistake #2 - Placing your ankle in the loop instead of your arch. As you'll see if the video, the silk travels up to your thigh and can be difficult to get out.

Give it a try and tag @aerialphysique & #iloveap on the 'Gram!

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