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Twirlesque Belay

This week I'm breaking down a quick yet often confusing pathway into Belay - I call it the Twirlesque entry.

The nice thing about this entry is it involves a foot lock and a few direction changes, which makes it approachable for various levels. The skill is known to burn your armpits, so I'd recommend wearing long sleeves when learning.

See below for a video breakdown and tips.

Step 1 - Begin with a Single Foot Lock on one silk. Pass the free silk to the same side as the foot that's locked.

Step 2 - Place both hands high on the free silk. Rotate outward toward your free leg. Pass your free leg behind you and between the free silk and locked foot.

Step 3 - Continue to rotate until your bum meets the silk that you have your foot lock on. Reach down, grab the tail, and pass it overhead as you turn toward your locked foot (right foot locked, turn to the right).

Step 4 - Drop the tail off and grab high on the pole. The tail will land on your opposing arm. Lean back as you take your arm out to arrive in Belay!

Step 5 - Pop your foot lock off, grab tails and extend arms to the side to complete your Belay.


#1 - Wrong leg pathway - Leg scoops behind you & between the free silk.

#2 - Grabbing the tail in front of the pole - Arm reaches behind the pile to grab the tail.

#3 - Tightly gripping and not circling arm overhead - Make a big circle overhead allowing slack to slide through your hand.

Wondering the best exit strategy? Click here for a recent tip I covered on how to exit Belay.

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