How to get unstuck in Belay

Have you been in this situation? You just completed a marvelous Belay entry and you think, oh no, my loop is too tight ... it's crushing my ribcage .. get me outta here! Panic sets in as you try to get your shoulders and head out through the dang loop!

Ugh, I know. I've been there too, with numerous shirts 'eaten' in the process! Hopefully, after this tip, you won't have to deal with this panic-inducing scenario ever again.

The term Belay is also used in rock climbing and is essentially a process that uses a rope system to protect a climber in the event of a fall.

In aerial Belay is a skill that creates a loop with one side being tauter than the other. Similar to rock climbing, you could technically belay your way down. The most common Belay ends around your torso, but it can also be taken to a knee hang.

The skill has many different entries, resulting in a more spacious loop than others. See below for a video breakdown and tips!