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5 Fun Things to do With Silks (other than climb on them)

Have you ever wondered what you could do with old silks? The ones with holes or the ones that have seen better days?

I've had personal silks that lasted years and studio silks that have lived anywhere between a couple of days (due to a gnarly slack drop that created a tear) to around 2 years depending on their luck!

While we call them 'silks' they're actually not made of silk at all. The type of fabric we use at Aerial Physique is 40 denier polyester tricot. In addition to climbing and flipping around on it, this type of fabric is often used to line garments.

Below are a few fun ideas for your beloved silks in addition to the popular repurpose ideas such as costumes and curtains.

To start, gather your silks, a yardstick (or something to measure with) and fabric scissors.

Additional supplies will be needed depending on what you make. See below!

1) Headband - Measure about a yard's length. Cut around a 3-inch (7-8 cm) thick in width. Wrap and tie around your head and voila, easy peasy!

2) A Rosin Ball - Have some crushed rock rosin on hand (click here for the kind I use). Cut a square anywhere between 10-12 (25-30 cm). Sprinkle the rosin in the center. Lift up the edges of the fabric, and tie in a knot. If it's difficult to tie it off by hand secure it with a rubber band or something similar. Thank you @airbornaerials for this brilliant idea!

3) Stretch Band - Measure about a yard's length and a generous width depending on the thickness you want. Tie off the edges and bam! You have yourself a stretch band - a fun addition to class warm-ups!

4) Gift wrap - Place your gift in the center of the fabric and cut around it. Make sure to leave enough space to meet the edges together and knot them. Use a rubber band to secure the fabric. Then finish it off with a ribbon!

5) Cat toy - You'll need a long wood or plastic craft stick and duct tape. Cut several thin strips of fabric. Leave some space at the top and cut above the strips horizontally. Wrap the strips around the stick and secure with duct tape. You may want to double up on the tape or even hot glue it so kitties don't tear off the strips. My kitties approve!

So there you have it! I can't wait to see what you create. Tag me on IG @aerialphysique! xo, Jill

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