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Technique Tip: Double Knee Climb

Many aerialists find the Double Knee Climb challenging—it truly requires dedicated practice and focus. Aerialists often blame their slippery leggings, and while this can be a valid excuse, performing the skill with bare legs is considerably easier due to the added grip from your skin. However, clean and precise technique always wins!

Improving the Double Knee Climb requires precise knee placement, strong heel-to-bum engagement, sitting back and following the correct hand sequence.

After watching the full technique tip, you'll be ready to ascend up the silks with more ease! See below for a video breakdown and tips.


  1. Begin in a pike position between the fabrics. Hook one knee at a time on one silk ensuring the fabric is placed at the back of your 'knee pit.' Create a 'shelf' of slack around your bottom knee for adequate support. Hooking too close to your hand without this 'shelf' can lead to slipping and frustration. Hooking both knees simultaneously increases the risk of slipping.

  2. Squeeze your heels toward your bum and sit your hips back, thinking about making a ball position. Avoid extending your hips forward, as this will make it difficult to find a secure knee grip—be a ball, not a table! If you find yourself sliding, check your knee and hip placement. While slippery leggings can contribute to slipping, technique is usually the main factor.

  3. If your knees are hooked on the right side, reach your right hand to the free fabric above your left hand. Next, climb your left hand above your right, then your right hand across to the pole (where your knees are hooked). Remember: it's three hand movements—across, above, and across. Pull your chest toward the poles and release your knees. Continue on the same side or alternate sides as you climb.

❌Common Mistakes:

  1. Hooking both knees simultaneously: While this may work for some, hooking one knee at a time ensures a firm grip on the silk behind your 'knee pit.'

  2. Extending your hips instead of maintaining a ball position: Be a ball not a table!

  3. Incorrect hand pathway: Reaching above your knees first instead of across doesn't help you gain much height and can feel awkward.

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