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Chair Pose Shapes!

How many shapes can you create from a specific wrap?

Hmm, think about it, when you're in a foot lock, hip key, or s-wrap ... what 'shape-ortunities' are available to you?

The fun part is each of us will likely have a natural inclination to go for shapes that feel good or come more easily to us and the possibilities are quite endless!

I'm sharing my top five shapes from what I call Chair Pose (same side hook, climb up, split the silks, pass shoulders through to sit). ​ See below to check 'em out!

Shape 1: Flamingo

Shape 2: Thigh Hitch Split

Shape 3: Chair into Wings

Shape 4: Mermaid

Shape 5: Cupid

For step-by-step breakdowns of each of these shapes head on over to Aerial Physique TV - your go-to aerial resource. Type the skill name in the search bar and I'll walk you through it! Monthly & yearly membership options available.

As a creative challenge, think of a basic wrap that you know really well. What shapes or movements can you safely create within the wrap that are unique to you, that express how you're feeling or that showcase your strengths? This is how new skills are born!

The next opportunity you have to play and explore in the air, instead of going for 'wrong' or 'right' play with creating and expressing. Give yourself permission to explore! You may discover something brand new!


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