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Five Hip Key Pathways

When you drive, bike or walk to work, school, or your fave aerial studio, do you take the exact same route to get there every time? Or are you the type of person that likes to switch it up? I'm the type that tends to take the same route every time ... unless my traffic app reroutes me!

Today I'm acting as your traffic app and rerouting your Hip Key! Sometimes our training or teaching can feel stale due to doing the same 'ol thing over and over. One fascinating thing about aerial is there are multiple ways to get to the same place!

See the video for five different Hip Key pathways.

Pathway #1 Scissor Hip Key

This pathway is the most common, but for some, the most difficult! The actions are scissor, straddle, fan kick and scissor. From your straddle aim your outside leg (the left if you began with the fabric on your right side) up high, try to brush your toes on the pole above you. This helps to place the fabric up & over your top hip on your lower back. Continue the fan kick pathway of your legs and arrive in a scissor to complete the Hip Key.

Pathway #2 Russian Climb Entry

While this pathway can be considered a 'cheat', it's good to have in your back of tricks as it's energy saving and approachable for an array of levels!

Pathway #3 Same Side Climb Entry

Invert, hook your same side knee, climb above, key over, swim the tail behind and voilà, you're in Hip Key.

Pathway #4 Opposite Side Entry

Invert, hook your opposite side knee, climb above, lift your straight leg up hip high, key over and there you are yet again in Hip Key!

Pathway #5 Reverse Toss Entry Invert, hook your same side knee. Use your bottom hand to toss the tail around your free leg from back to front (the awkward way!). Meet hands together, unhook your knee and key over to the side.

P.S wanting to improve your Scissor Hip Key? Click here for a free step-by-step guide.


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