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Knee Wrap Hack!

How many times have you inverted, wrapped the silk behind your back and then individually wrapped your knees and hooked them through the center (think Fallen Angel, aka 360 wrap)?

Depending on how long you've been aerialing (ha, that should be a word!), likely countless times. Well, there's a quicker and potentially more efficient way! ​

Click below to see the wrap hack ⬇️.

STEP 1: Invert with split silks, crochet legs up and wrap 2x behind your back. Wrapping 1x is also possible. However, it tends to be less secure and more slippy.

STEP 2: Pass tails to armpits and extend arms forward with thumbs pointing down.

Grab tails and poles together as you straddle your legs (be mindful you don't have too much slack here).

STEP 3: Sit chest up as legs pass between and around tails, so they end up on your inner thighs.

STEP 4: Invert into a straddle, hook your knees through the middle, squeeze heels to bum and release your hands.

COMMON MISTAKE: Sometimes, there's extra slack in the wraps around your legs. If this happens, pull tails down behind you before climbing up or moving on to your next skill to make sure they are taught and tidy! The less extra slack you have in step 2 and the more efficient you are with circling your legs around and straddling up, your wraps will be cleaner.

There's no wrong or right way whether you prefer to wrap individually or simultaneously, but it's useful to have options 😉.

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