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Technique Tip - 5 Belay Shapes

Have you ever gotten into Belay and thought ... that was super complicated getting here, now what!?

To make getting into Belay more 'worth it' I'm sharing a few of my go-to shapes!

In case you missed last week's tip, I broke down one of my favorite Belay entries, the Front X. Click here to check it out.

Once you have the hang of a Belay entry it's time to snazz it up with some lovely shapes!

Click below for five shapes you can do in Belay.

Prior to getting in the air, I recommend adding hip rotation exercises and cobra to your warm-up. Similar shapes will happen in the air so it's important you prepare your body on the floor first.

First up is inverting in the Belay. Pass your legs between the silks. Grab the tails next to the Belay. Pull down as you tuck hips under and straddle legs to invert. Think pull down to go up! If your hands are too low on the tails it makes it really difficult to invert.

Once inverted, pike legs toward your face. Option to reach down to gather the tails and add a spin. Separate legs and toss tails from the outside in twice to create two wraps. Avoid wrapping directly on your knees. This wrap takes some practice and finesse to make it clean, you'll get it!

Shape #1 Straddle - Slide your hands down the tails and straddle legs. Connect silks overhead and reach arms down.

Shape #2 Split - Rotate one leg behind you into a split. Continuously pull tails down to maintain tension.

Shape #3 Foot to head - From your split walk your hands up the back silk, bend your knee pulling your foot down toward your head.

Shape #4 Wings - Rotate your front leg to the back and meet legs together. Grab the edges of the tails to form wings.

Shape #5 Booty Back - Sit chest up, meet legs together, bend knees and sit bum back.

There you go! Feel free to use the shapes above as a template and add your own creative flair within belay. Give it a go and tag me @aerialphysique & #iloveap.

Cheers to belay!


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