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✨The must-try neck stretch for aerialists!

As aerialists (and humans in general), we tend to carry a significant amount of tension in our upper traps and neck. So much so that we don't realize how tight that area is until we get a massage or someone guides us to relax.

I thought it'd be helpful to share with you my absolute favorite neck/traps stretch that may have you thinking .. why didn't I know this sooner!?

Without further ado, see the video below to check it out.

Our upper traps and necks can feel like stubborn knots that just won't go away. Ignoring this area can lead to shoulder pain, decreased mobility, and even injuries. So, let's all commit to a post-training cool-down routine that includes targeted stretches for our traps and necks. Your shoulders (and your aerial game) will thank you!

Find this helpful? Add it to your cool-down routine and share it with your friends!


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I love this!! Thanks so much for sharing!

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